Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo Flip Book (Tons of Pics)

Happy New Year...yep, its still the first month...I can wish you..even if its way late....I did mean to post earlier..but never got around to it...just a complete lack of mojo, traveling and holiday just didn't let me get back to the groove...even now I'm in severe crafting depression...which means I want to craft, but have no desire to do so...weird eh!!
Never mind that.....let me post the pics of my Photo Flip Book which I posted a week ago on Facebook and forgot on my blog...(Has facebook become everything now? ) I need to de-addict myself from Facebook now....Zuckerberg may you rot in hell for this!! :p (its always nice to blame my faults on someone else..hehe!!)

This is essentially a 6x6 Photo book, with space for 12-14 pictures and a couple of spots for journaling. It was for a newly married couple...I so hope they liked it.

This is the cover page of the Book... Thanks Apek for the die cut...this book wouldn't be so awesome without your help!! MWAH!
This is my oh-so-in-love LSG gold shimmer spray...I'm getting low on it...need a replacement soon...(take deep breaths!! phew)

 Just some die cuts, sponging, and super sentiments from Fiskars... (thanks Khush!! nope you're not getting them back)

 Some gorgeous die cuts from Piyu! (I'm still in shock, did you really send me that die?)

 This is how the gatefold page opens with space for a photo  in the centre..

 The right gatefold for journalling space and again a photo...

 The center flip out page with space for 4 photos and a center piece quote..

This is how the whole book looks from the top...maybe will give you an idea of how is goes...For a better peek at how I flip this book open and again open ... go to my youtube channel and check the video out...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me...Papers are all from Papermania Confetti Collection. Which is now called the Lunne collection or something!!
Yes yes, the tutorial ...its from this video...but I have modified a lot of it...I have added a spine to both the sides of the book, plus a few changes that I felt the book needed. But basic idea is from that tutorial.

So, if you make one, do link me up..would love to see it!!
Linking it to Itsy Bitsy's Wedding and Celebrations Challenge. 
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