Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stamping crazy!!

I wanted to stamp...Stamping is my first love and I wanted to do a one layer card with some crazy stamping...where to begin is the million dollar I went to my favorite CAS sketch card site...Clean and Simple Stamping and picked out one sketch randomly...The FTL 208 and went to town with it..out came my stamps, my inks and one sheet of layering..nothing!! And Woah!! 35 mins of stamping later....this is what I had!! 

 That riot of colors just had my heart...and I used just one set of stamps to do the whole background...sentiment was another stamp....

 These stamps were my first ever international purchase after the hobby ideas stamps...never really got around to using them....but they were so perfect for this sketch...These are what were called could flip the stamp over and use them that's what I did!

Used the solid side of the stamp to first stamp the color...and then used the design side to ink it up with black and stamp it over the color blocks....I hope that makes sense...

Here's how the stamp can essentially do this with any stamp that is trimmed around the design..(I love how the light falls through the stamp and on the paper!)

This is my final essentially one layer card...I've faked all the layers...the black lines are drawn with sharpie to mimic a mat..but all is essentially one layer, matted on a red card stock base. This is an A5 card..
I could jazzy it up later on..with some bling..but will depend whom it will go to! See ya soon with some inky posts (wink wink)

Sending this card to the Simon Says StampTember challenge.

All inks are mementos...sentiment -Papertrey ink..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Birthday Wish

Today I bring another senti and maybe mental post…today I celebrate the birthday of my zodiac twin…well almost twin…I’m a cusp on the other end of the spectrum…yet both of us are more Libran in trait than the other dark zodiac side as I like to call it…

So this is one of my other BB Gurl…Saumya...and as I say I think God for BBM’s.  Friendships are not only for gossiping…they are the highlight of a bad day… but for me friendship is when they enrich my life… take me one step beyond where I was…and this friend and her friendship has given to me. 
As a friend, she’s always there to listen at the oddest hours…(though why she is up at odd hours is still a mystery..I guess star plus has to take the blame for that) she always has the best advice for me..which sometimes I may not like to hear..but a friend doesn’t tell you what you want to hear…its what needs to be done. 

And as a zodiac twin, I love figuring out things we have in common…and the list keeps growing everyday…every other day, I get to learn something new about her..and she about me…I admire her dedication to her goals..for an exhibit in July, I’ve witnessed her slogging from February and if the exhibition was a roaring success, I know that all her hard work has paid off… and other than constant motivation and a steady stream of “you can do it” we didn’t help with anything…and that’s why I feel more proud to know her as a person. Coz that steadfast dedication is missing in me, and I hope sooner or later it will rub off on me!
 I also love to get shocked at certain habits, traits that are so eeringly similar to mine, its downright scary..
I love the late night chats..the planning for the swap…and the tele-conference calls…those are hilarious…and more so coz all of our thoughts and ideals are so on the same page..the love for MOD donuts (Khush if you weren’t a weirdo, we could share this love too), discussing books, movies, and mostly discussing the next craft supply to buy..…(I am sure quite often my husband regretted buying me a BB) and the research we do..its awesome!!! 

So my BB girl, my Gossip gurl…love you to bits and pieces…and may our friendship survive all the ups and downs and all the gossips in between…Here’s wishing you a fabulous year ahead especially with your new venture..
and this post is to compensate for the lack of a gift or a card which I didn’t takes time to plan for someone who has everything…Welcome to the new Twenties!! 
So this would be your most probable reply....
And for those who aren’t Saumya, please don’t think that this sugary post is a means to show off our is actually, but its also to show that there are good people in the world, contrary to what facebook has been Witnessing in the past few can find meaningful and friendships that expect nothing in return…I hope you find a true friend too …if you do, never let them go….

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A little bit of watercoloring fun

Its a new fixation for me right now... I have this short attention span that is akin like a butterfly hopping from flower to flower....I didn't know how long my stamping phase would survive, but it did for 6 long years...its no where close to fading, but the itch has do something try something different, to explore, to learn a new form of began with parchment..the only thing that I actually took classes all are self taught...then came the phase with rubber stamping, then CAS cards, then Scrapbooks, then watercolors....and am totally loving the exploring I'm doing...

I did read about someone saying that you can't learn everything from searching on Google or YouTube...I beg to differ...if you are persistent, if you really want to learn, you will find it....and what I'm sharing something I found on Pinterest...then the tutorial...then some failed experiments and then the final one!!

So this is my failed experiment....i call it failed...simply coz it was an experiment...There are at least 10 layers of paints on this...watercolor crayons, then watercolor paints, then pearl paints, again some poster colors and what not....I was working for the feel of paper, the it flows and works on layers...and got some pretty good conclusions!! If you are interested, will share in the next post.....

 This is my success....still got a few steps to go....but that is a secret!!! I did it with Elise's tutorial
and its super easy to follow......I can't draw a straight used a butterfly die cut as a template and kept adding layers...this painting has about 1o layers of pink wash on it.....and its soo pretty!!! What do you think?

I will be doing on tutorial on my own too....a very very simple one...its still in my head....
So what have you tried today? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My First Side Step Card

When people mean most to you, it makes things harder to make a card for them. Coz you want each element, every thing perfect and when you are perfectionist like I am, you take even longer. This is my attempt number 3 for this I created and couldn't ditched that, then tried again...left it as a trial, and then finally this one!!

It doesn't help that the birthday girl kept asking me every day for her birthday card...that's how she is!! So I had to make, and it had to be perfect...Following stuff is way too mushy...(please don't think I'm perverted)

So for the sweetest friend that I ever met online...doesn't really feel that I've never met you...Thank God for Blackberry...and thank God for that one phone call at 1 am on your birthday... my life is truly blessed and changed for the better.

Being around you is so much fun....When I'm down, you cheer me up, and you've taught me to stand up and speak up for myself....something that I was too scared to do....
You've made me a tad rebellious and I'm loving it... You boisterous and hearty laugh make me smile no matter how deep in S&*t I am!
I love the crazy planning we do on the BB for our swaps...the ideas, the solutions to the problems that crop up...there is no big a problem that we 3 can't solve!

Having a friend like you has made me realize what friends should be like... You're my yardstick for measuring what my future friends are going to be like!!
So having said all that mush, I do realize that a friend who can teach you to be a better person, enrich your life and make you a little bit worth keeping...unless you piss me off...that will be an entire different story lady!!
So to quote a very cute Quote, "The world couldn't handle two of us as sisters, So We became Friends" A very happy One month Belated birthday Khushboo!!

 There's more mush on the card... a side step card from an A4 paper...
Products listed at the end of the post....

 A bit of sparkle never hurt anyone...especially not on cupcakes!

If there are questions about this card, do write in, I'll get back to you...( please enable the email on your blogger profile so I can reply back..)

Products used
Black CS- Creativita Store, Red CS - Fabriano,
Green PP - Kaisercraft -
Stamps - Cupcakes - Papertrey ink, sentiment - Hero arts, Gifts - STampin up
Inks - Memento, Pearlescent Brillance inks, distress inks
Magnolia image -RAK 
Dies - Label 8, Cuttlebug Asteriks and flower die, MFT flourish die
 Bling- local rhinestones, Glossy accents, Sakura stardust and Rock Candy distress stickles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BookMark Swap

Two posts in two days!! *faint*

But since I've been dying to share the pics of these bookmarks...all's fair...wake up those who fainted like I did!

I had a fabulous time planning and making these bookmarks!

Without further blah blah, here the book marks.

I just loved how I tried new things....will get to each in the next pics!!

With so much discussion on the Melhuan books on the Facebook Reading Group, it was but apt that I use this as the backdrop for this hook bookmark...

 The hook and the butterfly are from Artystree's store on Facebook, butterfly bead from Pie lane..and other beads are from my own stash.
 This is a paper bookmark...The are at least 6 layers of papers on this...which is quite quite unlike me.
The background pp is from Priya (from a swap) the light blue PP is from Priya Venkat, vintage paper my stash, the blue journaling tag from Imaginisce, the smile is a sticker from hobby idea. Washi tape (black polka dot) from Rachan's store. phew!!

I did not opt to put pearls on the butterfly, coz as a bookmark it is supposed to be flat.  you add pearls or beads and you end up spoiling your book..

This is one thing I saw that many crafter's did not keep in mind while making the book marks. While trying to make it pretty, they made the bookmarks impractical to use. Just keep that little pointer in mind...

 My most cute one of the lot!! Wanted something whimsical along with the cuteness factor!! The tutorial for which can be found here .

This cute little bug is a magnetic bookmark...I completely forgot to open it up and take a pic....there is magnet on both the halves the bookmark doesn't shift even if you shake the book like crazy ( I tried to..!!)
 the words are a sentiment that I saw on Papertrey ink's set. And it has been made with a Dymo label maker..The bug is a internet freebie..(hopefully) and I kinda went crazy with rock candy stickles and glossy accents. 
A little pie lane glitter strip at the end..

This is what I loved making...having discovered a vintage notebook at my mumbai house, this was awesome to make. (could you belive it, I tried to sell the book to a raddiwala, and he refused to take it..) and I  had paid 20 bucks for it!!

So in short, this was a bargain find. Petals are hand cut..( dies) distress, water colored, gold spritzed with Lindy Stamp Gang spray, and edges with a  hint of Pie lane glitter... Ribbon is from Jovita's store.
Click the pic to big it..and see the gold shimmer..and why I love LSG sprays!
 The butterfly I die cut and embossed with the Cuttlebug set..the dangling charm..all my stash...
The brad in the flower is from Basic Grey Curio collection, which is flooding the indian market.

Phew!! Thanks for staying with me through this pic heavy post...but the beauty of these is in the pics...

Will share my received bookmarks when it goes live on Swap Central .

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey there

First of all, a BIG BIG BIG BEAR HUG to all of you....those who read, those who stalk....I am overwhelmed with the support and love regarding my previous post....and hopefully I don't wish to keep that a regular a cry baby, but lets leave that off the blog!

Thank you to every one who left comments, those who emailed me...thank you for your support and reading the comments, it was clear...everyone needed a place to vent. Every one is frustrated with the way things are...Hopefully there is a way out of this messy situation.

I am beginning work on another will again disappear from the blog world...I convince myself I will not take another custom work, but every time someone asks me, I can't say no.

The thrill of making something new...designing each page, searching for the perfect embellishments, making sure I do not repeat anything from my previous work (unless asked for) the thrill is amazing. And trying to add those interactive elements, its just a new high!!

On another note, have you joined the Swap at Swap Central...the theme is amazing...creating your own Pattern paper....
Here is something from my experiments...

To know how I did this...hop on over to Swap Central Blog

See you soon with a card that I am absolutely dying to share....hope it reaches patience is waning!! :)
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