Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My love for Paisley and Bling...

......overflowed into my wedding invitations. I have this fascination for bling..most of us cardmakers have it. Mine just got a bit too far..but I love it...
My wedding invitations are shiny and blinged up ... and if I had any of those paisley backgrounders..I would have ended up making my own invitations..but 400 invitations? way too much for me to handle. So I let professionals take over and I still had my paisleys and bling.
Here they are..

Thats the cover..a paisley in bling..

detailed view of the paisley on cover..

This is the actual card..I just love the golden embossed paisleys on chocolate metallic CS...and there's the bling quotient..gemstones on one detailed paisley .

Can someone count the number of times I wrote paisleys on this page? And in case there are some cards left over, I can always re-use them (evil grin :O)
I just wish I had some backgrounders..but with the economy floundering..I'll just wait till I can afford it.
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