Saturday, May 2, 2015

Organization - Ink Swatch tips and tricks

I am not was never a big fan of organizing things, but now after getting lost in my own craft room, I realized that I had to organize. And I started with inks, then stamps and then paper...or something like that!

Here is my ink swatch book..I have followed Jennifer Mcguire's Video (have linked to the video) but did not use her downloads. As the printer which could print on my high gsm paper was dead. So I made a little changes here and there. Will explain better below.

So after cutting all my papers into 2x2 inch squares, I started looking for a solid stamp. And I only had 3. So it was either a balloon, butterfly or a flower. Not hard to guess what I picked.

I was confused about what paper to use. I had 5 different types of whites that I use in my card making, but use Brustro mostly in my stamping. But now with Neenah Solar being available in India (YAY!! Thank you so much Priya!) I may change my stamping paper to Neenah too! For now I went with Brustro.(the link is for 2 packs)

I printed out the ink names and brands on MS word and printed on my regular laser printer, cut it into strips and glued it on the 2x2 swatch. And then I was ready to start doing my swatches.

And having the MISTI (check my previous post) made things so so easy!! It was just simply, ink, stamp, clean the stamp, ink again and stamp!! Simply quick and fast!!

Instead of posting a huge load of photographs, I just made a quick video showing all the inks I have and how I have separated them. As I buy more inks, it will change, but for now, this works.

This is how my folder looks. It looks odd because all colors look mixed up. They are not. They are on consecutive sheets.. In the video , I have put a white paper behind each sheet so as to give you a better idea. I still have to do my distress inks, embossing powders and maybe my mists in this folder..the possibilities are endless!!

You can see the Video on YouTube too! 

 Yes, I know you want to know where to buy those coin protector sheets from...Here is where I go them...from ebay. Here is the link  or you can buy from their website, here.

I did not order an album, since I didn't want a bulky folder on my desk. You can buy a D-ring album if you want to keep it in the folder.

So there you have it, my ink swatching system.

Do you have an inventory system? Would you like to share? If yes, I will create an inlinkz so others can find all the posts under one page.

I am surprised there isn't much sharing in our blogland. No one wants to share any info...if they find something new, its always "inbox me for details" I find it a pretty narrow minded vision. I have lost respect for a lot of people the moment I see, "Inbox for classes/inbox for details" especially considering they learn everything free on YT! Do I sound petty and jealous?? I hate unfairness. Had I been jealous, you would have never seen such sharing or enabling posts on my blog.Well ending the tiny vent on a jolly note, I spoke to a friend about it, and she simply said...Not everyone has a generous heart. Most are money minded. And that is where I find my solace. I am not them.
 To each his/her own...Anyhoo! End of my tiny rant! :P

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