Friday, July 7, 2017

Heat Tool Review and Heat Embossing how to

Hello Everyone,
First of all, thank you so much for the amazing response to my Dream cut review. All of your comments just kept making me smile...Thank you everyone..

Today is review from me, this time its again for the Itsy Bitsy store. Today I am checking out their newly launched Heat Tool.

As I have done in my Dream Cut video...I have used this tool, first time on camera. So whatever you see, is exactly what I feel.
The video looks long, but its only 15 mins long. The rest of it is a sneak peek of all the new Cardstocks that Itsy bitsy has come out with, and were kind enough to send to me for review.

To give you a brief idea, I am showing you how to get started with Heat embossing, and what kind of embossing powders to use with what kind of images. And small tips and tricks to getting colored embossed images and How to emboss on Vellum without warping or burning the Vellum.

So without further ado, lets get on to the video. 

Links to buy all the supplies shown in the video (Affiliate links used for Amazon)

Heat Tool 
Embossing Powders- Itsy Bitsy
Versamark _ The Craft Shop . Crafters Corner
Embossing Buddy (Goodbye Static Tool) - CraftersCorner , TheCraftShop
Non Stick Heat Resistant Craft Sheet - Itsy Bitsy
Black Craft Mat  -  Amazon
Vellum - Itsy Bitsy
Shilpi Parchment paper - At all your local Hobby Ideas or online at Craft universe

Links for all the Papers - All links are to Itsy Bitsy.
Handmade Paper White (12x12)
Handmade Paper White (A4)  
Handmade Paper BLACK (12x12)
Handmade Paper Black (A4)

Premium CardStock
Embossed Black Cardstock -12x12
Textured White 12x12
Textured White A4
Bright White A4
Fleece White 12x12
Fleece White A4 
Black Soot Cardstock (single sheets 12x12)

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Thank you for stopping by..see you soon! 
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