Thursday, June 26, 2008

A fast Layout..

Just a quick post to show off my newest layout...I've been cards yet.....

need to find my creative genius ....

what say about this cutie...she's my niece...pretty grown up by now...

With a template in hand, a Layout is just a matter of minutes..its fast and easy..

I'm still trying to learn about drop shadows and the stuff...don't know how much is enough..

Actually when making a card or a LO, how do you know when enough is enough?

The template is from Rackety Scrapety and papers are from A kit called Berrylicious by Vicki's Blog- A work in progress

Don't know where I got the embellishment from...sorry again...I'm terrible at giving credit for the right person.
Now I know..its by Franziska Altmann - Tabrizia.

will be back soon with a card.. (hopefully) sigh!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rain Rain And more Rain

I'm totally a rain person...for me its the most romantic time of the year..I don't mind getting drenched in the rain...will walk in a downpour...and will love to sit by the window with a hot cuppa ..I love thunderstorms and search for rainbows in the sky...

and now that I have my sweetest H, I can look forward to cosy days spent in his arms wink

Rains have started since the last 3 days and the sky is overcast all day... rain coming in drizzles all day.. ( I admit since I don't have to travel much to work, I can afford to be all romantic about it, If I was working long distance, I would be grumbling too)

I just took some pics of the rain and turned one into a LO.

Enjoy ...I cannot recall where and where I downloaded all my digital freebies from, but all are from links on Ikeagoddess's blog.

This is the actual photo taken from my window... I love how the storm clouds contrast with the white of the buildings ... I manipulated this photo a bit to get some rain onto it.. via Photoshop..

Till my next post...have fun!
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