Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Mail

Guess what arrived at my doorstep yesterday evening. This beautiful package from Monika Davis aka M.A.D stamper...I'd signed up for a an Image pay it forward.
And do you know what all this wonderful person sent...She sent me couple of house mouse images
lol and a set of stamps..Yipeee!! and that's not all...she even sent me a card. And you have to see the card to appreciate it..its just wonderful..(can i reveal something crazy...I kept the card on my nightstand and kept looking at it till I fell asleep) I love it so much!!

Thank you Monika for being soo soo generous.
Can you see the psychedelic embossing on the pink strip..looks gorgeous in IRL..and I did not know crystal effects looks so great on an image. Next time I order something from the US, one crystal effects is going to come..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My new favorite colors

I'm so much in love with my new set of favorite colors..White black and far I did not have turquoise CS but on a recent raid to my LSS I found some...and then I already had this great freebie by Pirates and Pixies which was turquoise.

So then I had decided to do Angel's birthday blog challenge..but she has 17 card sketches up already and I was too lazy..but if you're up for the challenge go check out her blog..she has some HUGE blog candy and the loot keeps going bigger and bigger..the biggest blog candy I've seen so far..
And so I found another card sketch..this time on Carla's blog. And whatever came together was fabulous. I think this is my best card yet!!razz

I know this is a bad camera batteries are out. And I promise to get a better pic in the morning. The sentiment is handwritten...I could have fooled ya...

i gotta thank Carla for the fabulous sketch. Thanks Girl!!ETA-- here's the pic from the cam...the colors look way different. Well that's ok..the card's gorgeous..

Until later...don't forget to leave a comment for the blog day to go..check out the posts below!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I so totally love black and white cards. So when Allison posted a card challenge for a bnw card, I was up for it. Only set back, no christmas i borrowed a little ( and I mean a little) plastic stamp from my neighbor's kid..and used it to stamp the christmas tree.
The background paper is downloaded and idea from where tho...

But i'm not very happy. feels like sumthing's missing...

Well I can't rant today...I'm down with sore throat sad and sounding like a toad..drowsy like hell and can't seem to sleep...

So i'll just post the card and leave it at that..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pop up card

I tried a new card, Surprise pop up card made with the excellent instructions by Beate,..there was complete stamping on it...the flowers, the leaves, the bear, and it was cool..made it for my mom's birthday..though i do agree that the yellow is a tad too bright, not my taste.

But that's what i get for making a card at the n'th hour...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


WCMD came and went by, just got time to play one challenge...better than nothing i guess...I had downloaded the wonderful kit Nichole of Papertrey Ink had put up in papercraft mag..and boy ooh boy are those kits gorgeous or what?

And then Cathy had a challenge for different fold cards..and i said why here's my very very first criss cross card..though i did not use two sheets and glue them up, rather i used a regualr card, 5x5 and cut one diagonal, and used the scrap to put it over the other i making sense??

I'll just post the card and go off to sleep....cramps are killing me..will be back later..100th post coming up pretty soon...still contemplating for a candy...lets's the card
Sometimes simple is good enough, I should have left the card as it is, rather than put the stitch stamp on the card. looks ugly...can't re-do it now..maybe one day..

Let your creativity flow....

Friday, October 5, 2007


I was so tempted to play along with the cardjacked challenge...i went crazy trying to find a suitable image for the card. Found one and as usual, drew it..

I used acrylic pearl paint, my faithful pencil eraser and got a polka dot background..and a strip of polka dot PP across, with the witch hat on dimensionals.
The sentiment is handwritten and distressed with black ink.

Head over to Kort i Focus, if you want to play along too..

Monday, October 1, 2007

black and white.

I saw this fabulous concept on a craft site, ( gotta remember the site and let you know). The idea was to use black and white and oh my gosh, the card turned out to be very very awesome. there were a few drawbacks but overall the card was too fabulous, and very very easy to make. I'll put in the instructions, just in case.

Here's the card

I started with 5" square white CS.
Cut of 2.5" x 5 of the top panel on the right side.
With black CS, i cut a 3x5" panel and glued it under the half front panel.
Two 1.5" squares, one black and one white. The White square will be matted on white and vice versa.
Stamp your image with white ink on black square, and with black ink on white square.
Glue it on the center line where the white meets black.
And if you have some great border punches, create a 1/2" of border on a white and black CS, and glue it on opposite color CS.
And you're done.

now I'll list out the flaws, ( coz i'm sure no one's reading it so far :))
I dont' have white ink, so i used my white acrylic paint. urgh! it blobs and creates bubbles.
I don't have a SAMJ so getting my little heart to stay right in the center of the sq was a pain. I must ave ruined at least 5 sq pieces, black and white. Made my own version of SAMJ with a acetate sheet and a Cardboard in a T shape.

Will i be a happier person when i get my brilliance white dew drop inkpad...i sure hope so...

Cheers till later.

i'm approaching 100 post on my blog, am think of offering a blog candy. The only trouble is i've got only international readers. Coz no one in my country stamps and if they do, the don't blog. ( ok there is just one, she like me draws more than half her stamps)
Time shall tell..
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