Monday, December 24, 2007


Just the most simplest card. I think stamping and coloring is turning into therapy for me. Gives me lot of satisfaction. I'll be doing more cards this week I think.

this card uses a modified sketch from Angel (angelosity)

I 'll do another card based on the exact sketch sometime in the week. Its fun to have so many sketches when you want to make a card!

Merry Christmas.
Will be back after Christmas eve...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New card

First and foremost, I have to say "THANK YOU" to Michele.. She is one generous lady. When I cribbed and cribbed that I did not have many stamps she wrote back that she had lots and could send me some. And true to her word, I just got a Priority Box full of wood mounted stamps!! And they are amazing! I was so speechless when I got the box, right now more than me my brother's having a blast with it. Ink it up, stamp it down..for no reason at all..just that they're cute!!
I'm still stumped at trying to find something to send to Michele. Not papercrafting stuff..
I really appreciate her generosity..Thank you once again. I'll try to put up a pic soon of all the stamps she sent me.

Hmmm... now this is the first time ever that I tried to wrap a candy! No one over here wraps candy...just gift it off. I have been watching Nichole Heady create amazing gift wrappers one after another and I was stunned. I tried my hand at it. Nothing fancy mind you..just simple stamping on the CS and when I was done, it looked great! This is a Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

And here is a card I made using one of the stamps Michele sent me. And I loved watercoloring it. I guess I'm behind times, still with water colors, but then again, that's all I have and I'm loving it.. Shivani (my only Indian stamping buddy and addict, we're both always on the lookout for who's coming back to India from the USA so we can bribe, beg or blackmail into bringing us some stamping goodies!!!!) Well, she got Copics, her wonderful sistah got her 46 copics.. Awesome.

So here's the card..

I tried to copy the coloring on the stamp itself. The pink base looked dull so used my texture plates to give it some swirls. Boy! it is hard work if you don't have a cuttlebug. But still worth it.

Till then,
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A new criss cross

Here's the card that took me 5 days to make. Don't ask me why! My creativity is at its lowest right now. Inspite of having 3 stacks of DP i can't seem to use them.

So just used my newest Sassafrass Lass stamps, the fliparoo stamps. Too cute and I love the acrylic. It's great. Takes in ink very well. Will be ordering more..

The DP is from Nichole Heady's Digital kit. love that paper.

And the sentiment is a outline sticker.

I hope the person i'm sending it to, likes it too. I wanted to something very very special, so my dear friend this has my 5 days of effort. I do hope you like it. I'm not tell who this is going to!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Lil note of encouragement to a friend

ETA: Here's the card I made that's going to Gina.

Thought i'd send in some christmas wishes as well!!

Gina is a young mother of three young boys. She has started chemotherapy treatments. She is having a hard time being a mom and wife while being so sick. She really needs some encouragement!!

I'm doing my bit to send some happiness her way and sending her a card. Would love if anyone else would do that too. Here's her address
Gina Landry

9916 Longleaf
Orange, TX 77632

and you can win some blog candy too if you do that..
Check out these two posts for some candy and send some cheer..
Courtney's Blog
Sari's Blog

I normally don't do this but right at this moment i'm going thru a crisis and words of kindness and encouragement from across the globe made my day. Just random words, from strangers but yet who connected with me, helped me get through this. And so as my way of saying thank you i'm passing on my happiness to Gina.

Friday, November 30, 2007

My new box of goodies.

My mood's been down and out lately but that didn't stop my stuff from arriving that I'd ordered 2 months back. I preferred not to ship it out but ask one of my friends or anyone for that matter if they could tag it along. And yup, my stuff from Frugalities is here. And and bits and pieces from Micheal's. Sitting in India, I'm in love with that store. Don't let me go there...i'll go bankrupt. razz

here's a pic of my goodies..

This is all my goodies in one shot. The by pass trimmer and the waterbrush pen are from Micheal's . The rest all is from frugalities. 90$. I guess. Should suffice for 6 months. But already i'm hungry for more. Every had that happen to you? I'm just confused as to how to get good effects with texture plates. I think cuttlebug works best but that is way beyond my budget. So an embossing tool should do the trick. But is there anyother trick to get good embossed results?

Help out girls.
Not too happy with the 7 gypsies pack. A couple of papers i dont' know where and how to use, but the DCWV is fabulous. this is going to be on my wishlist. Lots more of patterned paper.

here are the only stamps that I ordered. I didn't want the alphabet ones. I wanted ones witha flourish. And guess what ...after I placed my order, they had Fancy Pants Pollen Dust on 45% discount, that is to say at 22$. Isn't that freaking bad luck???
I'll keep waiting till they have it back in stock. I want flourishes...some one got too many and wanna give it away for Christmas?? Be my Santa perhaps ??mrgreen

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New card

hello ya all...Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends around the world.

And I'm back...with another card..too long too late I mojo is gone. Going thru the painful pangs of separation after 2 wonderful years..and what makes it worse is that neither of us is at fault. Circumstances are such that parting is inevitable. The thing I dread the most is will I be able to see him with someone else? Will have to work on that a lot.
Ever heard the saying "The worst feeling in the world is sitting next to the person you love knowing you cannot have them?" I'm going to be feeling the same feeling every day..for God knows how long. cry

I need strength and I pray that he gets the strength to survive. Sigh........Life sure is you what you'd been praying for all these years and just when you begin to appreciate the gift, He takes it back. I just don't want to turn bitter, I don't want to carry hate in my heart for the people who were responsible for bringing about this breakup. I want to carry on but at the same time I wish someday they realize how much they have hurt us. I want them to feel the hurt and the pain. For the first time in my life, I regret the fact that I am an Indian, that a son had to sacrifice his future for the sake of obligations to the family. I do not know if such traditions are followed around the world, but today I wish I was in some other country, where no one else's opinion influenced your decision.

Damn it feels good to unload.

Well after all the ranting and raving, here's my card.

This uses Michelle's sketch 2 and she has really good sketches every wednesday..go hop on over and say hi to Michelle

Do you love the grey PP I found in my local store? It so shiny IRL and fabulous cobblestone look. You're gonna see more of this.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Mail

Guess what arrived at my doorstep yesterday evening. This beautiful package from Monika Davis aka M.A.D stamper...I'd signed up for a an Image pay it forward.
And do you know what all this wonderful person sent...She sent me couple of house mouse images
lol and a set of stamps..Yipeee!! and that's not all...she even sent me a card. And you have to see the card to appreciate it..its just wonderful..(can i reveal something crazy...I kept the card on my nightstand and kept looking at it till I fell asleep) I love it so much!!

Thank you Monika for being soo soo generous.
Can you see the psychedelic embossing on the pink strip..looks gorgeous in IRL..and I did not know crystal effects looks so great on an image. Next time I order something from the US, one crystal effects is going to come..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My new favorite colors

I'm so much in love with my new set of favorite colors..White black and far I did not have turquoise CS but on a recent raid to my LSS I found some...and then I already had this great freebie by Pirates and Pixies which was turquoise.

So then I had decided to do Angel's birthday blog challenge..but she has 17 card sketches up already and I was too lazy..but if you're up for the challenge go check out her blog..she has some HUGE blog candy and the loot keeps going bigger and bigger..the biggest blog candy I've seen so far..
And so I found another card sketch..this time on Carla's blog. And whatever came together was fabulous. I think this is my best card yet!!razz

I know this is a bad camera batteries are out. And I promise to get a better pic in the morning. The sentiment is handwritten...I could have fooled ya...

i gotta thank Carla for the fabulous sketch. Thanks Girl!!ETA-- here's the pic from the cam...the colors look way different. Well that's ok..the card's gorgeous..

Until later...don't forget to leave a comment for the blog day to go..check out the posts below!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I so totally love black and white cards. So when Allison posted a card challenge for a bnw card, I was up for it. Only set back, no christmas i borrowed a little ( and I mean a little) plastic stamp from my neighbor's kid..and used it to stamp the christmas tree.
The background paper is downloaded and idea from where tho...

But i'm not very happy. feels like sumthing's missing...

Well I can't rant today...I'm down with sore throat sad and sounding like a toad..drowsy like hell and can't seem to sleep...

So i'll just post the card and leave it at that..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pop up card

I tried a new card, Surprise pop up card made with the excellent instructions by Beate,..there was complete stamping on it...the flowers, the leaves, the bear, and it was cool..made it for my mom's birthday..though i do agree that the yellow is a tad too bright, not my taste.

But that's what i get for making a card at the n'th hour...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


WCMD came and went by, just got time to play one challenge...better than nothing i guess...I had downloaded the wonderful kit Nichole of Papertrey Ink had put up in papercraft mag..and boy ooh boy are those kits gorgeous or what?

And then Cathy had a challenge for different fold cards..and i said why here's my very very first criss cross card..though i did not use two sheets and glue them up, rather i used a regualr card, 5x5 and cut one diagonal, and used the scrap to put it over the other i making sense??

I'll just post the card and go off to sleep....cramps are killing me..will be back later..100th post coming up pretty soon...still contemplating for a candy...lets's the card
Sometimes simple is good enough, I should have left the card as it is, rather than put the stitch stamp on the card. looks ugly...can't re-do it now..maybe one day..

Let your creativity flow....

Friday, October 5, 2007


I was so tempted to play along with the cardjacked challenge...i went crazy trying to find a suitable image for the card. Found one and as usual, drew it..

I used acrylic pearl paint, my faithful pencil eraser and got a polka dot background..and a strip of polka dot PP across, with the witch hat on dimensionals.
The sentiment is handwritten and distressed with black ink.

Head over to Kort i Focus, if you want to play along too..

Monday, October 1, 2007

black and white.

I saw this fabulous concept on a craft site, ( gotta remember the site and let you know). The idea was to use black and white and oh my gosh, the card turned out to be very very awesome. there were a few drawbacks but overall the card was too fabulous, and very very easy to make. I'll put in the instructions, just in case.

Here's the card

I started with 5" square white CS.
Cut of 2.5" x 5 of the top panel on the right side.
With black CS, i cut a 3x5" panel and glued it under the half front panel.
Two 1.5" squares, one black and one white. The White square will be matted on white and vice versa.
Stamp your image with white ink on black square, and with black ink on white square.
Glue it on the center line where the white meets black.
And if you have some great border punches, create a 1/2" of border on a white and black CS, and glue it on opposite color CS.
And you're done.

now I'll list out the flaws, ( coz i'm sure no one's reading it so far :))
I dont' have white ink, so i used my white acrylic paint. urgh! it blobs and creates bubbles.
I don't have a SAMJ so getting my little heart to stay right in the center of the sq was a pain. I must ave ruined at least 5 sq pieces, black and white. Made my own version of SAMJ with a acetate sheet and a Cardboard in a T shape.

Will i be a happier person when i get my brilliance white dew drop inkpad...i sure hope so...

Cheers till later.

i'm approaching 100 post on my blog, am think of offering a blog candy. The only trouble is i've got only international readers. Coz no one in my country stamps and if they do, the don't blog. ( ok there is just one, she like me draws more than half her stamps)
Time shall tell..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pirate card

Well not really a pirate card but when i saw this chubby little pirate on a fellow blogger ( is there any other word for a fellow blogger, since most of them are women, and i don't think I'd like to use a fellow for a girl )
OK back to the chubby pirate, I had to have him...easy wouldn't you say so? nopes..This is from Magnolia stamps, which is not available here. So what did I do, drew him of course...what else is a obsessed stamper to do...
and I love the card i saw, so I had to have the sun too...and I used my scalloped scissors to cut a cloud out of an oval. DP is printed off the scrap booking kit...I find most of them at Scrapping with Ikeagoddess.

So where does this card go should reach the birthday boy in around 2-3 weeks, yup its going overseas. So Ken if you're reading know what to expect....I love spoiling surprises...and speaking of one, I'm getting a ton of stuff from frugalities. Man, do they charge exorbitant shipping within the USA!!! I'm paying 14$ to have it delivered to a girlfriend's place and she'll bring it with her when coming in October. Most of the stuff is so tiny, my parents are going to have a fit... and maybe snatch my CC. Ah well! I would go crazy if I ever go to US. i won't care for any historic monuments, I would be found at most of the craft stores. So its good that I'm not going in the near future. (wink)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another challenge card

I loved doing the previous challenge on SCS so decided to make it a regular feature of my schedule to keep pushing my creativity. So here is my take on the 142 sketch challenge. What I like about this is that challenges are simple. And being simple there can be many many variations on this. Most of the other challenges I've seen have way too many elements, way too many layers.

At times, I've layered so much on the front panel, that the back panel collapses when I try to stand the card up. So I wanted to do a monochromatic color using one dash of another color, something I'd seen on Amy's post, and I loved what she did with just two striking colors. So I printed this paper off one of the scrap booking websites that offer free downloads. And in the end I like it, but still think there is something missing. No idea what though.

I still want to make the card for the Kort i fokus sketch challenge. Should be done and posted by today evening. Since I used red on the first card, I'm using the same pattern in black to do the next design. Let's see if I can raise my own standards. (hehe)

And just for the heck, this is the view from my living room. It was raining yesterday nite and I was playing with my new camera. It looks much better than it does in person.
Wait till the wedding season arrives, it will be even more lit up, as it is, it is just around the corner, end of November and December.

ETA: Just finished with my card for Kort i Fokus sketch 18 challenge. I have to learn how to draw the sketch which i'm attempting. Doing it from memory, makes you miss a layer or so. Damn. I missed out on one layer. So i'm not sure if it qualifies. But sending it anyways.
I liked how it turned out.
I'll try to post a better picture with my camera. It's 12 and i'm watching the India-Australia cricket match at the same time. And yay, India won...we're in the finals. yipeeeeeeeee!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

My own corner book mark

It took me the better part of 3 days, but i had been dying to make this. I must have torn at least 3-4 sheets of paper to finally get it right. Still need some changes, but finally I managed to make it.
I had seen a bookmark on Amy's blog But was unable to follow the instructions.
So I made my own.Now my new problem is what kind of camera to use to get clear crisp photographs?
Please be kind enough to leave comments and suggestions. I have a Sony cybershot, but somehow i'm unable to figure out how to get photographs clear and crisp.

So how does my corner bookmark look?

ETA: I spoke with one of my friends, and he recommended some changes. I changed certain settings, and voila, here's the new and improved photo.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My first SCS challenge

I've always admired the concept of challenges in making cards. I use to admire them from a distance. Last week, I felt I was getting bored with no challenges, no birthday's this month to send cards to. So I started with the SC sketch challenge. And boy did I love it.
The card turned out great, I loved coloring it( I'm still trying to improve, i don't have prismacolors or copics) . There were so many first's for me in this challenge..

First time i used glossy paper. soaks up ink like a charm. The ink that would not dry on my regular cardstock, dried without heat.
The coloring was a first for a fall leaf. Loved how it turned out.
The fossil stone technique, i do admit, I dont' have many inkpads, (and sadly the store that used to have them, has stopped stocking them. Isn't it awful that once you get addicted to something, and you don't get it. I'm still trying to findout how to import inkpads from abroad. Most of my pals are coming in only in Jan. )

So overall, I liked playing along. I think there might be many more challenges I will attempt. since India is not a nation obsessed with stampers, I think there are only a handful who love stamping; My mom couldn't understand why I made the card if I wasn't going to give it to anyone. She asked what was the point of making it, if I was hoarding it. hmmm go figure!

Being the only one with the creative streak in the family, I doubt I could explain that challenges make you think outside the box. Make your grow.

Ah well! there's a lot they do not understand. Ranting for later on.

take care.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

just a simple card

This is an idea i'd been dying to try out, but was too lazy to do so. When I had to make cards for my neighbor's pre-school going son's teacher, I thought of trying this out.

I used plain copy paper, a bit of clear ink and using my eraser of my pencil stamped dots and then dabbed them with chalks. not bad. then came my stamp, ribbon and awesome glitter stones.

Also stamped is" for you" from the wonderful studio g stamp that Maria sent me. I still have to play some more with them. The swirls are a stamp set that i'd just brought. And i like how the flower came out. I'm still learning to blend colors together.

Have fun ya all. And don't hoard stress. It's making me bald already!! AARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Look what I got

When i arrived home from work, guess what i found waiting for me. A mail from none other than Maria, and a beautiful RAK card.

It is beautiful and she was so kind to enclose me two sets of studio g clear stamps. She is the most incredible person I know. Thanks a lot Maria, it sure made my day.

I needed that boost. Life's a little low right now. Thanks a ton girl.
Do stop by her blog and say hi to her.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new cards.

Yeah yeah, i know lazy me. No new cards, no posts and no participation in challenges. Had lost my creative streak, took ages to find it. I am struggling to get some PP from someone in US or Aus. An aussie pal is trying to send it over. 12x12 sheets are big to send, i'm thinking of basic grey 6x6 pad. Will work fine. too much cribbing over what i want, here's what i made over the weekend.

This card was made for my best friend during college days. The cake didnt' stamp out properly so had to redo it. Looks a bit weird, need a good black inkpad. just mounted the image a lil off. thought it looked neat.This one is for my cousin, just a 15 min card. the watercolorpencils look dull. I need something better to perk up the images. Copics...not for me..way too expensive, prismacolor pencils...maybe someday...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

long time no me??

Life is showing me a lot of twists and turns, there have been just tears and tears since one month. But now i'm a lot more composed. I've finally decided to stop crying, its not getting me anywhere and it certainly will not get me what I want. It's something to do with love. And I gave in to the saying "If you love someone, set them free. If he comes back he was yours. And if he doesn't he wasn't " I've left the future in God's hands, coz there isn't much I can do to change the situation. It's practically out of my hands. I'm just keeping the faith and living each day with the happy memories I have. And not lament over what I might or might not get. And at the same time, I'm trying to move ahead. Not get stuck up, not bottle up all my emotions, or feelings. Letting it out in various ways, making cards and listening to good music is another of it.

So I de-stressed by making a few cards. The Dentist my brother assists, sent me an amazing book on the way Mumbai was pre-independence. Great book. So I made him a thank you card and since his 5 yr old chatter box kid would ask why she didn't get anything, I made her a card too.
I used a roller stamp and partially inked images to separate them. It was a pink Fabriano paper. And oh yes I forgot to mention that my brother gifted me a faber-castell set of watercolor pencils. 48 of them. Gifted would be a wrong word coz I kinda bullied him into buying it for me as an advance rakhi present. Sisters can be mean sometimes, especially when Rakhi or b'day's are around.
This one was a very simple one with a handmade marbled paper I brought almost a year back. Since I basically eyeball all my layering and gluing, most of the times my cards are a little crooked. Makes it look hand-made IMHO. hehe!!

till next time

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Red and black

This is the card I made for Maria's weekly challenge. I've so far not done any other challenges this week. Hers was to use scraps of ribbon. Who does not hoard ribbon. A good way to use them.
Initially I just had one red layer. It looked naked. So I layered it with black and again with red. And used my roller flourish stamp with black ink. A tiny butterfly sticker completed it.

Right now my brother is eyeing it. I know to whom it will go to. But sending my card to her!! How will that help. I never understand boys.

Wishing a Great weekend for all of you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

random cards

Looks like i'm very late in posting my cards. Life is a bit twisty right now. I am supposed to make a decision whether I can fight for what I want or take with bowed head what life wants to give me. What I want is what I love, and what I will get, I will have to learn to love. Its a tough choice, not knowing what to do, whom to love and whom to hurt. Because someone is going to get hurt no matter what decision I take. Actually the power of decision has been taken from my hands, I'm just awaiting my fate.

Sounds too cryptic, but I can't reveal more. Maybe once the decisions are made, I could elaborate. Right now, I just need strength to accept what comes my way. I need courage not to break down, and faith to help me get through this phase. And I need lots of positive energy around me. So no more grumbly me!!!

Now on to my random cards, I made this card just to channel my energy to somewhere else other than thinking. So this is what i came up with. I wanted to color the flowers around the heart, but the watercolor pencils I have were to thick to get into the tiny detail. So I left it blankThe right hand side was looking too bland, so added a few bling sequins. And with the scraps left over from this card, I made an ATC for Maria's weekly challenge. Turned out great.
The bling in this card are stones I found in an embroidery store. Tried paper piercing too. Used my pergamano piercing tool and the grid. Its tough as I have to eyeball the distance. Will have to look for a transparent template for piercing.

This next one is also an ATC, I tried out for the first time. I'd never made any ATC before, and I think they're super easy. .I tried faux stitching in this card for the first time. and its cool.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Trifold card

Here's my card for Maria's Tuesday inspirational challenge. She's come up with amazing challenges every week. I never used to participate in challenges, but now I kinda look forward to challenges on every blog, forum, or even from other blogger. It helps to stretch my creativity. It makes me wanna create something new, something good for someone or the other.

The inside sentiment is still pending..depending to whom i decide to give the card to.

I'm thinking of trying paper piercing now. Should check up on Emily's post for that. Awesome tutorials.

more later.

The rains are awesome right now. Love getting drenched and coming home to eat a roasted corn cob.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Roller coaster week

I really dont' know if this entry will get published. Reason, my computer is behaving erratically. just shuts down so before it does that again, here's the stuff i wanted to post.

Two cards, one for father's day. Got the idea from a couple of tutorials, which Allison puts up on her blog. She is one helpful lady. Her's is the first blog i always check.
so anyhow, i made this card for my dad. And got him a Parker pen. I think he has all the Parker pens in the world but will jump with glee if he got just one more.

And this one is for a friend. Tried out the gel card on SCS projects. turned out wonderful. The fish is so cute, just copied the clipart from the net, as i didnt' have any fish stamps.

The week was a bad one, tears, stress and complete failure of my positive thoughts to act. Just kept going bad to worse. Today its a little better, but i wish it could be even better than this. It's utter chaos, if you could peek into my mind. Standing on the cross-road, knowing you want to cross, but knowing you might die if you cross. AArgh!!! misery!! misery of not knowing what road to choose, not knowing where to go...

i guess love will keep us alive!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The hardest card to make...

This by far has been the hardest card to make. Not in terms of technique or layout. This card is for my best friend who lost his beloved dog. He was 14, old in dog years.

He was a stray puppy, lying with his 4 sibling pups and mom, all of whom were dead, only this one was fighting for life. My fren adopted him, and as the puppy grew, it adopted my friend's rebellious attitude. There was nothing in this world that could make the dog do what he did not want to do. And of course, the companion thru the darkest hours, that's what makes a dog man's best friend.

I've never owned a dog, but the stories i've heard about this dog, really made me want to adopt one. but an apartment is no place for a dog. when i heard that he was hit by a bike and paralysed waist down, i prayed that he should not suffer. Yet he pulled thru for over 4 days but could not eat anything, and on 4th day he passed away.

Everytime i sat down to make this card, i would choke up, not sure what to write or what to say that could console someone. Its like having lost your very best friend.

The image was taken from the net, and just drawn on a paper and then on acetate sheet, it looks bold.
The card says "mummy" coz i wanted to tell him, that the dog is finally at rest with his mom in heaven.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is it just me?

When I had decided that I would make cards for all my family and friends this year, I really just wanted to do something new. I was getting bored of my daily 10-12 and 5-9 part time job. Ok, I'm in the profession where I'm helping everyone else heal, but was not healing myself.

Anyways, so when someone tells me that they loved my cards, or even appreciates it, or even just thanks for the card, I'm over the moon. I get the same good feeling when some of my patients come back and thank me, or just tell me that I helped them heal. It makes it worth my time and day.

But 2 days back, when I made 2 cards, one for my granpa, and one for my couzin sistah, well they never said anything about it. No thanks, no I like it, no anything. Sadly they didn't even acknowledge it at all. My granpa is 85, so I can let it go. But my sitstah? We'd been thru a rough patch and I was trying to smooth things out. And I thought the card would start the road to mending, but sadly it's not to be.

I'll just have to forget that i made anything for her. But on the whole, is it wrong to expect people to appreciate you?
is it just me who feels this way?
As I'm writing this I just wonder about my mom, or for that matter every mom in this world. They're caring, working and being happy, yet without an expectation of thanks. I'll appreciate it more when i become a mom myself. Long time to go!!!

I think i answered my own question. Anyways, here's the card i made for her.
Background paper was downloaded from The template section of inkstains forum.
The envelope in the background was stamped repeatedly with a confetti stamp to give it the border.
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