Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New card

First and foremost, I have to say "THANK YOU" to Michele.. She is one generous lady. When I cribbed and cribbed that I did not have many stamps she wrote back that she had lots and could send me some. And true to her word, I just got a Priority Box full of wood mounted stamps!! And they are amazing! I was so speechless when I got the box, right now more than me my brother's having a blast with it. Ink it up, stamp it down..for no reason at all..just that they're cute!!
I'm still stumped at trying to find something to send to Michele. Not papercrafting stuff..
I really appreciate her generosity..Thank you once again. I'll try to put up a pic soon of all the stamps she sent me.

Hmmm... now this is the first time ever that I tried to wrap a candy! No one over here wraps candy...just gift it off. I have been watching Nichole Heady create amazing gift wrappers one after another and I was stunned. I tried my hand at it. Nothing fancy mind you..just simple stamping on the CS and when I was done, it looked great! This is a Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

And here is a card I made using one of the stamps Michele sent me. And I loved watercoloring it. I guess I'm behind times, still with water colors, but then again, that's all I have and I'm loving it.. Shivani (my only Indian stamping buddy and addict, we're both always on the lookout for who's coming back to India from the USA so we can bribe, beg or blackmail into bringing us some stamping goodies!!!!) Well, she got Copics, her wonderful sistah got her 46 copics.. Awesome.

So here's the card..

I tried to copy the coloring on the stamp itself. The pink base looked dull so used my texture plates to give it some swirls. Boy! it is hard work if you don't have a cuttlebug. But still worth it.

Till then,
Happy Holidays!!


  1. Wow Tejal..I really like ur card..nice touch with watercolour..
    And seeing ur candy bar..I tried mine too..will show u once Iam able to take pictures..my camera is not working..

    Hey Iam unable to understand this sheetload thing..!!

    And yeaah..one more thing..did I told u how jealous Iam hearing u got more stamps...heheheheheh...

    definetly put ur stamps picture..!!
    To make u jealous..I need to put the pictures of my stamp & copics..to make u more jealous...hehehehehehehhe

  2. I am glad to hear you like them!

  3. great blog and wonderful art work.
    Merry Christmas, from: Bela


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