Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Lil note of encouragement to a friend

ETA: Here's the card I made that's going to Gina.

Thought i'd send in some christmas wishes as well!!

Gina is a young mother of three young boys. She has started chemotherapy treatments. She is having a hard time being a mom and wife while being so sick. She really needs some encouragement!!

I'm doing my bit to send some happiness her way and sending her a card. Would love if anyone else would do that too. Here's her address
Gina Landry

9916 Longleaf
Orange, TX 77632

and you can win some blog candy too if you do that..
Check out these two posts for some candy and send some cheer..
Courtney's Blog
Sari's Blog

I normally don't do this but right at this moment i'm going thru a crisis and words of kindness and encouragement from across the globe made my day. Just random words, from strangers but yet who connected with me, helped me get through this. And so as my way of saying thank you i'm passing on my happiness to Gina.

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  1. Great card, great cause! ;) Sorry I've missed out on so much!


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