Friday, December 31, 2010

Five butterflies

I wanted to end the year with a card that I loved. Ever since I saw this card on Tina's photostream and on Hero arts blog, I’ve wanted to CASE it.

But I had no heat gun then, no white embossing powders, no background stamps and no butterfly stamps either. Then as the year progressed, I ordered my heat gun.. I managed to get a printout of butterflies. And in Dec, I finally got my white EP. So everything fell into place.

But this card didn’t come easy. It had its share of goof-ups. . On my first attempt at embossing with white EP, I managed to blow half the powder around my table. I decided to re-do it.

2nd attempt.
And in the process figured out my mistakes.  I used a foam pad underneath my work surface to get good even print (which I didn’t do before), poured generous amount of powder and held the heat gun to the side while it heated and the held it vertically over my image, rather than on a slant which seemed to blow all the powder away! Well the results speak for themselves.

Ok, enough of the rambling, feast your eyes on this!!

The cloudy weather did not let me get a good photo..but this is the best I could get.  Here's a closeup of the coloring, I wanted a stained glass you think it does justice?

I wished I could have given this card or the butterflies more dimension. I wasn’t sure my sheer ribbon would hold on to the foam tape, so ended up using glue dots. 
But as I sit here on the last day of  the year, I love looking at this card on my desk…Have a happy happy new year!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Ten Cards

This is another wonderful opportunity for me to join in a journey down memory lane..I didn't have many cards to choose from, but since I got all my supplies in May of this year, it was more like choosing cards from 6 months..but I loved making each and every one of them!!

This year saw me change my style to more of CAS after finding and falling in love with Susan's blog, Simplicity. It was love at first sight and I knew what my strength was. Not layering, but being simple and true to what I love. So hope you can join in the fun HERE and I will make it a point to hop across all your cards!!
Clicking on the logo will also take you the blog hop! 


Thank you for being along with me on this wonderful journey of this year!! Hope to see you soon next year!!
The hop ends Dec 29. Don't wait.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best work of 2010

I generally end my year with a post on introspection..this time prompted by Kavitha, I'm doing a little different post..(mind you, I'm going to ramble a lot before the year is over), I'm sharing what I think was my best work of the year...its hard to narrow it down to one card or one project...maybe I won't choose one, I'll pick two!!

The highlight of my year has been my return to my craft supplies after a year and a half..finding supplies and then bringing all my stuff over here to Ahmedabad and then buying more was like Christmas all throughout the year!!  And the baby albums...those are a killer to make, but in the end, I couldn't stop turning the pages myself and feeling proud. My albums take way long to make coz I have to love each page I make, else I throw that page away..but in the end, I feel it worth spending 3 hours to make one page!!

So here's my bestest work of this year!! Aarav's baby album, it was my first attempt at making an album, I loved the whole process of making a page at a time, not knowing how it will look later on with all the photos and journalling! Lets just say, that I love this one coz its my first one!!

Sharing one card that I absolutely loved..for its colors, for its simplicity and for its butterflies!!!

So those are my best creations for this year..but not the only ones...Hope you can join and share what you thought was your best work..there's a lovely prize up for grabs..Thanks for that awesome candy Kavi!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Embossing overdrive!!

Christmas is around the corner and the weather is fantastic..nothing to complain about, just hate getting out of those blankets every morning!! So hows life with you all...haven't been posting but have been hopping around to your blogs.
I kind of went overboard on the embossing with this card...its just fantastic to see that powder melting into the beautiful glaze. I went on embossing and forgot to add a sentiment which was my original plan...maybe another card..This card goes for the Simon says Stamp Challenge-Anything goes.

The lack of sunshine makes it tough to get a good pic, but I love how the embossing is shining on this card..and yup, I got my new doily lace punch..its fantastic and one of the best punches I invested in. You're gonna see a lot of this punch..
This card is CASE of a card by Kelly Rasmussen, damn if I can find the link. I loved the combination of grey (or is it gray?) and pink ..

Both the dark pink butterflies are clear embossed with the script background and all three are handcut. I had a different idea in my head about the looks kinda weird..but hey when it comes to ribbons, I'm still on a learning curve..I'm still learning how to tie the perfect knot and bow!! Imagine that!

Couldn't leave without showing you my skinny Christmas tree...Wishing all of you a very happy and merry Christmas...May all your wishes (ahem!! your crafting wishes) come true! :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New card and some enabling!

This is my second post in 2 days, scroll down for my new album

I'm feeling so happy right now, stamping, coloring and glitter! What else does a girl need...maybe some diamonds but lets stay real!! :D
My card is based on the OLW31, Back to the beginning and for the Moxie Fab World- Birthday card challenge.   For me the thing that got me hooked onto to stamping was the technique of masking. I was awed by it. And watercoloring. The first time I brought a clear stamp, I didn't know what to do with it, the store just had the product, no clue on how to use it. Then came Gina K.'s blog and Maria Bell's blog and I found SCS. That was the day I was in, hook line and sinker!
I fell in love. Here's a peek at my first attempt at masking - here

This card is based on the Get Sketchy Card challenge #67

My card showcasing all 3 aspects of my love for stamping, Masking, water coloring and glittering! To be very honest, I just love this card..And love how the coloring came out..sometimes I just amaze myself..honestly! The stamp is from Inkadinkado. This is as simple gets!

And a shot of the bling..I think it is dazzling diamonds from Stampin Up! I love this stuff..Need some more! Will my needs and wants never end? I shop today and tomorrow I find something else that I love and need to have.

Well that's the card, and then some enabling..I promised to show you my new stash, so here goes-

Beautiful butterfly papers, had to grab more than one.  The pink plaid, and the snowflakes..yumm

 These are a bit vintage styles...never found any before, I just picked them up. Lets see where and when I'll use them.

 These soft colors, perfect for a baby album or baby cards ..
And the felt flowers. I love black and white, so in-spite of them having these in Christmas colors of green and red, I chose this. So anyone heading out to hobby ideas today?

I was given this beautiful award by Spardha and Rachna, and ETA: from Smita too!!  and have to pass it on to 5 other crafty people. I think each and every one of your deserves this, so if you're reading this please accept this award and post it on your blog and pass it to 5 other crafty gals..

3 things about me that are different :
I'm lazy..very very lazy. I think I could be related to the sloth bear by the lowest fraction, but related nonetheless. 
I love perfumes, at the last count I had 25 bottles.
I'm a true libran by heart and soul. I can argue both sides of the coin so well, I never really know which side I'm taking and by the end of 5 mins, I've confused myself thoroughly!

That's it for today..

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