Monday, December 27, 2010

Best work of 2010

I generally end my year with a post on introspection..this time prompted by Kavitha, I'm doing a little different post..(mind you, I'm going to ramble a lot before the year is over), I'm sharing what I think was my best work of the year...its hard to narrow it down to one card or one project...maybe I won't choose one, I'll pick two!!

The highlight of my year has been my return to my craft supplies after a year and a half..finding supplies and then bringing all my stuff over here to Ahmedabad and then buying more was like Christmas all throughout the year!!  And the baby albums...those are a killer to make, but in the end, I couldn't stop turning the pages myself and feeling proud. My albums take way long to make coz I have to love each page I make, else I throw that page away..but in the end, I feel it worth spending 3 hours to make one page!!

So here's my bestest work of this year!! Aarav's baby album, it was my first attempt at making an album, I loved the whole process of making a page at a time, not knowing how it will look later on with all the photos and journalling! Lets just say, that I love this one coz its my first one!!

Sharing one card that I absolutely loved..for its colors, for its simplicity and for its butterflies!!!

So those are my best creations for this year..but not the only ones...Hope you can join and share what you thought was your best work..there's a lovely prize up for grabs..Thanks for that awesome candy Kavi!!


  1. Love your baby album and those gorgeous butterflies.Surely the best.
    Thanks for playing along.

  2. what a pretty album,and those butterflies are to die for.loved them so much.

  3. Both of these are spectacular and if I had to choose a tops, it would be that butterfly card! Have a lovely week, Tejal!!

  4. Indeed these are beautiful and looking forward to more grt work in 2011!

  5. i love your baby Albums a lot!.. Happy New Year 2011.. Wish you a great year ahead!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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