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Q & A - Silhouette Cameo .

Here's a few QandA that I got for my previous Cameo intro post! These answers are not the end of the world. These are what I think is necessary. You may have different needs and use out of your machine. Use my advice as a guide and go along with what you need!

Q - What else do I purchase with my silhouette? What accessories are necessary?

  • Get an extra blade and a replacement mat first. So that when you do have problems in the  middle of a project you are not stranded.
  • A dust cover for you cameo. 
  • As far as tools are concerned, I would say, you can get the scraper tool. For the rest I use local alternatives. A palette knife to lift up my designs off the mat instead of the silhouette tool. I don't use a hook. I do have the Quickstick but I don't really like it that  much. 
  • If you want to use pens with your Silhouette, get the new pen holder. It has 3 sizes and can hold any pen that you have!! 

Q- Where can I purchase the images to cut with my Silhouette?

  • your first option is of course the silhouette store. You can buy the designs for as little as 99 cents. Or you can buy a subscription to the store so your image cost falls to 50 cents or lower depending on your subscription. During sales you can buy them off for 25 cents if you have a subscription. 
  • BUT READ FIRST - If you want to use your silhouette for commercial reasons, that is if you want to use the files you get from the store and sell those products that you make, you need to buy a commercial license for that design. Which is roughly 8$ per shape. 
  •  OR you can use free images, don't just Google ( because Google will show shapes which are not free and you may run into copyright issues), find images that are marked free for download and then trace them and use them. If you can design your shapes, that is even more awesome!!! Stay away from Disney shapes. Disney chases people with a vengeance. I have read of several Esty shops being closed for issues with copyright.  
  • If you have the Designer Edition of the software, you can load cliparts, free Svg files and tons of image and trace and use them. 
  • SVG files are available at a lot of places, some give out daily freebies and some weekly. I won't list out the sites, you can just simply Google Free SVG files and you will get a ton of them. Make sure they are free before you download them.

Q - Where did you I buy my silhouette and what did I pay for it, how did I get it here?

Funnily this was the most asked question. I got it directly from Amazon during the Black friday sale for 199$. I had it shipped to a local USA address of a friend who has an export import business. And he had it shipped to my address along with his cargo.

But that does not mean I got it shipped for free. I had to pay about 6000 INR for shipping and customs.

The sole reason for opting from Amazon was that I was getting a bundle. I got an extra mat, an extra blade, a sketch pen set, a Quickstick and 10$ gift card. 

And Amazon ships faster. My order arrived within 10 days to India (which was thanks to the quickest shipping I've ever seen thanks to my buddy) During the same time, Silhouette America was offering the same bundle for 229. And they ship slow. So while my Silhouette reached India, many people in USA were waiting for their Silhouette to be shipped out even after 10 days of placing their order on Silhouette America website. 

Unless you can have someone bring it for you (Its a big box and weighs around 11 pounds) it will be too costly to ship it directly. Unless you have a jugaad! My advice would be to buy from one of the Craft stores in India. Shalini mittal at Crafter's corner can get one for you.
Q - What is the difference between the New Cameo and the old?

  • The main difference is the control panel. The old has a button system, the new has a touch screen. 
  • The old Cameo is grey, and the new is white on the inside so some markings are easily seen. 
  • And there is a holder for keeping your blades. 
  • The old one could take and SD card and you can take your machine somewhere else and cut the design with that. New one, uses a USB so there a some better options for this. 
  • Other than that, there is absolute no difference. You can check this post for a more detailed difference and pictures of the new vs. old.

Q - What is the difference between Cameo and Portrait?

  • The size of the mat it can take. Cameo has 12x12 mat, which means you can cut a 12x12 sheet of paper, the potrait is compact and takes in an A4 sheet of paper. 

Q - What do I do if I don't get proper cuts?

  • That is an extensive topic. There are a lot of things to consider if and when you don't get proper cuts. The paper, the settings, the blade settings, the cut setting, pressure settings, and the packet size. 
  • You can always email Silhouette America, they are the best to help
  • Or you can join the Facebook Silhouette groups. They are the most amazing bunch of ladies who will help you out in a jiffy! This is one of the good ones 

Q - What kind of paper to use?

If you do use any other brand, make sure it is not fibrous. If it is, it will stick all over your mat and will leave an ugly fuzz when you lift it off. 

Q - What is Vinyl? Where do I get it?

Vinyl is what is used in signboards, on your card number plates. It is what I've used on my Cameo. You also get Heat transfer vinyl with which you can make t-shirts and clothes. But I am still trying to locate the local sources for it! Any shop that does custom T-shirts will be able to help. But as I have come to know, We are a weird race. We don't like sharing. They will not tell you where to buy it, they will not even let you buy from them. Weird weird people!

Finding vinyl is not easy, but not hard either. You just have to go bug the local signboard shops for vinyl. I bug my cousin who has a signboard and design shop!! :P Lucky me right??
I am checking on ebay and there are very few who do sell, but you can try there too!

IF you find any links and would be happy to share, please do. It shall benefit everyone!

Q - My Mat is no longer sticky? Do I need a new mat? or Can I fix it?

You can fix it.

first try washing it with soap and water and let it air dry, It should get sticky again.
If it still doesn't work, you can use the Scotch Re-positionable spray. Tape your sides down and spray it. This Spray is available with Anandha Stationary stores (just email them)
or Pick buy it online from here 

Head over to this link to see the step by step of how this is done! 

So that concludes my lengthy post! Still have any questions?? Shoot them in the comments!
And if you found this helpful, please pay it forward by helping someone else!

till the next post,
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