Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My first TK card!

This was tough, but as I said earlier, I am happy with how it turned out. Making a card was not easy as I had to let go of all embellishments, all ribbons, no bling (eek) and just stick to plain and simple. Since the image is so rich, it had to be simple.

I worked with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. And my trusted (and so much loving it,) Niji waterbrush. Its a wonderful invention.

Here's the card!

And just a close up of the coloring...I picked up colors straight from the pencil and went over the image with a stippling movement. It worked better than using the pencil over the image.

A big thank you to Monika for sending me these images to play with..Thanks a bunch girl...

now all I am looking for a images of Magnolia stamps...they are such fun to color in..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainbow heart

I had a card made before I went off to the wedding, just never got around to posting it. Well I too jumped on the Valentine's bandwagon and made a pink really pink card. (even though I am without a Valentine this year...have I cribbed about this enough?)

I had a wonderful heart stamp from Michele (waving Hi!!) and I used my watercolor crayons directly on the stamp and then stamped it on watercolor paper. Did that twice, cut one out and popped it on dimensional foam. The love sentiment is a stamp I got from Erin, with brilliance poppy ink..
I punched 3 flowers out and put bling..where can bling be far behind?

I finally finished coloring my first TK image..which Monika was kind enough to send to me. It is a daunting task and as I only had watercolor pencils..well let's say it was hard to live up to the million gorgeous samples I've seen on the CHF gallery. But I think I did well. I'll click a pick with the card and post it tom..

Till then..

oh yes, A big hello to Sari. Thanks for such a gorgeous assortment of primas that you sent me..Loved the whole package...the paper, the cute fish stamp..thank you thank you and a big thank you..
you made my day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mysterious ways!

I have firmly come to believe that God does work in mysterious ways. For when I made the coaster calender for my friend, I did not know it would affect her so. I have not met her since I left grad school, which was way back in 2001. I had been in touch thru email, but infrequently.
And when she sent pictures of her and her new baby boy, I loved that so much that I made her a lil gift and sent it off without thinking much about it.

She called me today with the words that it reached her when she was at her lowest point. She was depressed having a personal family problem, her 4 month baby being diagnosed with hyper-thyroid at this young age and her hypertension not going away. When she got that, the first thought that came to her mind was, "at least someone loves me" And while speaking to her, I too broke down, agreeing that sometimes people who are around your 24-7 don't touch your heart as much as these Random Acts of Kindness do.

Just the fact that someone bother to send me something, not caring about international shipping, makes me feel so happy and so blessed. At least someone thought about me.
And it is my goal that I shall make and send RAK's every month this year.

Ok, on with the stamping work, I was so thrashing in water when I tried to make this card. The card look perfect in my head, the sketch was ready, the stamp set was ready, the patterned paper was at hand, and yet when I tried to put it together, I always felt something was missing. So far I still think that something is missing, but after spending 3 days on this, i'm ready to move on..
This is inspired by a sketch from Jen del Muro .. I think the card has lost the sketch somewhere..and the stamp is a generous gift from Michele. {{{{{HUGS}}}}

I used watercolor pencils to color in, my silver glitter pen. Maybe it needs a ribbon to top it off?I just trimmed off the tag individually and its done. I didn't want to cover the tags with a front panel. So i guess it doesn't qualify for the sketch, I'll try again I guess!!
If you don't succeed, try again.

I do have a question for all the cardmakers,
Do you start with a stamp set, a DP or a sketch? I have muddled myself over this a million times. I just sit with everything I have and then put it back because it does not make sense.
Please help!
Any ideas?

Monday, January 7, 2008

My First Coaster Calender

I have delayed posting this for a very long time. I had it made a long time ago and did not send it in mail. I finally sent it in mail and so I think I could post it now.

This is my first attempt at using coaster to make calendar using a tutorial by Beate on SCS. This is a picture of my friend Synthia and her lil boy Tedrick. He is her miracle baby. And I just felt like making this for her. And I used my patterned paper for the first time. And I like the way its turned out.

It says "mumma's little angel" around the photo of Tedrick, but I forgot to change the color of the word while playing around with the image in Word. So its a little hard to read. The flowers are punched out and of course, there has to be bling where i'm concerned.

I know the glitter doesn't go well with the theme, but one of my rub on letter smeared horribly, and I had to cover it up somehow. I could have used another paper to cover it up, but that was after I had smeared glitter glue all over it. Next one will be better thought of..Sorry girl.

Since I did not have any wording stamps or rub-ons, I made my own rubons. I printed them in various colors on my transparency, making sure that it was set on mirror image. The drying time is very very long..almost 24 hours before I could use it without staining anything else. But in the end, it was worth the wait. The word 'Miracle' and 'Tedrick' are the printed rub-ons.

And I have to say a very very special thanks to Monika Davis for sending me a Holiday card. My one and only holiday card, but with that she included Stamped images of Thomas Kinkade stamps and Bella! My camera battery is dead and I’ve been lazy to take a pic. But will do so very soon.

Thank you Monika, you made my day…

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