Monday, January 7, 2008

My First Coaster Calender

I have delayed posting this for a very long time. I had it made a long time ago and did not send it in mail. I finally sent it in mail and so I think I could post it now.

This is my first attempt at using coaster to make calendar using a tutorial by Beate on SCS. This is a picture of my friend Synthia and her lil boy Tedrick. He is her miracle baby. And I just felt like making this for her. And I used my patterned paper for the first time. And I like the way its turned out.

It says "mumma's little angel" around the photo of Tedrick, but I forgot to change the color of the word while playing around with the image in Word. So its a little hard to read. The flowers are punched out and of course, there has to be bling where i'm concerned.

I know the glitter doesn't go well with the theme, but one of my rub on letter smeared horribly, and I had to cover it up somehow. I could have used another paper to cover it up, but that was after I had smeared glitter glue all over it. Next one will be better thought of..Sorry girl.

Since I did not have any wording stamps or rub-ons, I made my own rubons. I printed them in various colors on my transparency, making sure that it was set on mirror image. The drying time is very very long..almost 24 hours before I could use it without staining anything else. But in the end, it was worth the wait. The word 'Miracle' and 'Tedrick' are the printed rub-ons.

And I have to say a very very special thanks to Monika Davis for sending me a Holiday card. My one and only holiday card, but with that she included Stamped images of Thomas Kinkade stamps and Bella! My camera battery is dead and I’ve been lazy to take a pic. But will do so very soon.

Thank you Monika, you made my day…


  1. This is a great creation, Tejal ! Thank you for your comments on my blog, to answer your question, I buy my stamping supplies mostly online from US, UK and Singapore and nearly I found some in Malaysia. Where do you buy yours?

  2. You're calendar is adorable! Great job!

  3. could you email me ?

  4. That is just beautiful. I'd love to know how you made your own rub-ons! Is it a special ink you use to do that??

    Also, I'd be happy to explore options to help accomodate international RAKers in my group. I'll do some brainstorming and see what we can do for next month. Maybe I'll just have sign ups earlier? Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Oh yes, and I'm still praying for you! Heartbreak is hard to heal. {hugs!}

  5. Hello thank you for entering the Academy....I wanted to say hello and thanks for posting. The coaster book gets a thumbs up and the baby is award winning for sure. Good luck in my blog contest and I will be dropping by to say hello....great blog.

  6. your coaster calendar came out great!

    By the way...Congrat's,you are one of my new year rak winner's! e-mail me your address so I can send you some goodies!


  7. Wonderful coaster calendar Tejal! Love the colors and the lay-out! Cute baby! :o) TFS!


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