Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Boy Album- Jan 2012

This is the album I just completed on order....Many of you have already seen it on facebook, but this is just for those who love to see it on my space....(Photos are specially for you Doc...I know you like photos better than videos)

There are hidden tags, the butterfly on the Papa page above, 
and on the Sister page, below

These tags on the left will hold baby's hand and foot prints..

Pages for photos of the baby with the grandparents..

 Letters form the sister and parents to the baby. 

You can also find my video for this album at Youtube....

Not much to write about....and honestly I'm going to be loony for a while...lots of things happening at my end that are just not making me feel like crafting. It has really taken a back no good news or that kinda stuff...
I'm so sorry  I'm behind on your watermarks is the day I shall send most of your samples out!! Just have some patience and bear with me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reviewing Varna's Stamp Set

This is my 2nd post in two days...please scroll down for my previous post and leave some love!! :)

A couple of weeks back, Varshitha asked me if could review her stamp set, which she's trying to get made in India. I agreed....and boy was I impressed. Finally some fabulous stamps proudly MADE IN INDIA!!
Varshitha first of all thank you for you unquestioning faith in my review and your praises. I'm honored and humbled.
So onto the stamp is the preview on her blog...
Its a beautiful set..the birdies and the sentiments are fabulous...and the background stamp, its stamps like a dream.
I wanted to test it out with different papers and different ink I'll show you and explain everything.....Most of the photos are self explanatory, but feel free to ask me any questions...

 I loved this background stamp...lining up is so easy with this stamp...excellent transfer of ink with distress ink...
 I had some Photo paper (glossy paper) and tried it on it too...Still a crisp impression, no smudging ...

 My most used paper for making cards...Fabriano Brustro, 220 gsm...and is slightly textured...

You can see the fabulous impressions on every image...

Embossed resist on my baby scrapbook mini....

 And I have done something which even Varshitha doesn't know...see that row of dots for hanging the bird-cage...guess where I've used it???

 Familiar? See those journalling lines? I've used the chain for the birdcage to create my journalling lines!! :D

 Here too and in the tag below!! Isn't this stamp wonderful??


 Here is my original review that I'd sent to her...which is also on her blog...Have you checked out the sneak peeks she's been giving out for all her stamps?  I can't wait to see all of them...

1.   I really like the deep etching of the stamp. Easy to peel off the CD and sticks very well on the acrylic  
      block too. My clear block is dirty and yet after adhering and removing the stamps a couple of times there was no problem at all.
2.   It takes up ink well. The ink does not pool up on the stamp as it sometimes happens in the case of water based inks like memento and distress inks.
3.   I stamped it using dye ink- memento black and red, pigment ink- brilliance inks, distress inks, and chalk inks. No issue with impressions at all. They stamp as good as PTI stamps.
4.   I also used different papers to try it out, Fabriano brustro, Ivory paper, watercolor paper and glossy paper. Crisp impression on every paper.
5.   The border stamp is simply amazing. The design is such that it allows for continuous stamping and I could not even find the joining line. Very very crisp impression.

Thanks Varshitha for such a fabulous opportunity and wishing you loads and loads of success in your new venture! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You make me Smile...

Thank you everyone for you warm support and unquestioning understanding of my previous post. Most of you on Facebook have already got previews of this card...but I had to post it here!!
First of all wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's day!! hope this day brings love, happiness and much more, all year through!!
Now for my card...
This card is for Kavitha's Challenge - Blooming Gorgeousness where I'm the Guest Designer for winning her 1st challenge...

 I decided to use my Papertrey ink Sunflower set and turn it into Dahlia/Gerbera daisy's. I just stamped the flowers using Rose bud memento ink and worn lipstick distress inks...
The center is stamped with Dandelion ink and sentiment is from Signature greetings, again a PTI favorite set and embossed in white.

I do doubt that you can see the glitter on the yellow centers of the flowers...I did use my new Rock candy distress stickles!  Butterflies...I am gonna show you how to use your Pie lane stickers better!!!

All of these flowers and leaves have dimension...I have used an embossing stylus on the reverse of each flower to give each petal definition...its hard to see in the photo, but every flower is curved!!

Lots of dimension to the butterfly and the flowers!! Thanks Kavitha for such a fabulous theme!! I had fun making it!!

p.s. did you see my new digi siggy? I loved making them and am willing to make custom digi signs/watermarks for you if you are interested. Email me for price and samples.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Big Decision

A few of you have been privy to my rantings on Facebook, and I'd promised I'd tell you in good time why I was upset. It was not one but two things that took place side by side and which added to my sadness and bitterness.

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog and are more personal in nature,
I am no longer a part of  the Indian Craft Room. I expect your understanding and please do not ask me why I took the step I took. If I could, I would have put it right here...nothing helps me heal better than sharing it with you all. At this point of time...I cannot share.

And the second part of bitterness came when I had to part ways with a friend. When I stood by her, for everything she believed in , I had placed a hope in her that when the time came for her to support me, she would do it. Unfortunately as is the world today, when I asked for her understanding and support in what I believed in, I only got indifference. I was only good enough to be called a friend as long as it served her purpose. So that left me with a bitter taste of friendship....but as they say, you live and you tick mark on my life sheet...
I learned a lesson and I forgave the friend and I have moved on. I am not going to look back with regret, I am not going to re-build that bridge again....maybe in time when I heal, I might or might not...but not right now!

So that is the story of this week of my life. It sure will leave a huge hole and a big impact on my life....but a quote on a friend's page yesterday gave me hope -

Its not the people that stand by your side when u re at your best, but the ones who stand beside u, when u are at your worst, they are your true friends!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey everyone...sorry for the long leave of absence...I will be missing from my world till the end of this month...this year seems to have started on such a fast pace note....
Sonia, I promise you, your Pie lane goodies will go out this week, ...snatching bits and pieces of time to create...

Hope to see you guys around!!! Don't forget me while I'm gone! :)

ETA- Thought I'd also show you what I'm busy after!!

Just a few pages from the scrapbook album that I'm working on!!

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