Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Big Decision

A few of you have been privy to my rantings on Facebook, and I'd promised I'd tell you in good time why I was upset. It was not one but two things that took place side by side and which added to my sadness and bitterness.

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog and are more personal in nature,
I am no longer a part of  the Indian Craft Room. I expect your understanding and please do not ask me why I took the step I took. If I could, I would have put it right here...nothing helps me heal better than sharing it with you all. At this point of time...I cannot share.

And the second part of bitterness came when I had to part ways with a friend. When I stood by her, for everything she believed in , I had placed a hope in her that when the time came for her to support me, she would do it. Unfortunately as is the world today, when I asked for her understanding and support in what I believed in, I only got indifference. I was only good enough to be called a friend as long as it served her purpose. So that left me with a bitter taste of friendship....but as they say, you live and you tick mark on my life sheet...
I learned a lesson and I forgave the friend and I have moved on. I am not going to look back with regret, I am not going to re-build that bridge again....maybe in time when I heal, I might or might not...but not right now!

So that is the story of this week of my life. It sure will leave a huge hole and a big impact on my life....but a quote on a friend's page yesterday gave me hope -

Its not the people that stand by your side when u re at your best, but the ones who stand beside u, when u are at your worst, they are your true friends!


  1. Tee... U know am by ur side ALWAYS... except when I would have to share blueberry cheesecake.. rest of the time I am at ur service... :D

  2. Hey is a hug from me...though we never interacted much on personal note...but have been a constant follower.and can understnd how it feels...time will heal these feelings soon..waiting for our happy cheery Tejal to be back soon

  3. Hey Tejal!!!
    I truely understand what you must e feeling and going through.But as I have seen you in last few months,I know you will come out stronger and braver out of all this.And yes TIME is a big healer.

  4. :( Sad to hear this... best u go post some cards please :) Been missing ur posts girl

  5. A big hug...dil se...and lots of love.I am sure you have done what needs to be done....and then there's no looking back.Take care

  6. Just take a back seat and observe. Do not fret over friends who are not worth it and I always and firmly believe that jo hota hai achche ke liye hi hota hai. so may be it all happened for something good! SO chill!!!

  7. khush..wenever u turn to see if someone is following u or not....u shall find me behind u....know how it feels...been there ..done it ....and its pathetic no matter how much someone consoles....none the less ....get back in life wid all ur craftiness ...heheh and get back the smile on ur face...u luk good wid it and not widout u

  8. Hey Tejal, a tight hugs to you. Dont think on such things again n again. It will take time but be strong. Please keep blogging, I will miss you. Who will teach me, n scold me. GOD BLESS YOU and All The Very Best in everything you do. Take Care.

  9. Hey tejal, All is well!!!! Time is the best healer. Missing ur updates on ur blog.. Take care :)

  10. Hey Tejal...sorry to hear this. Wishing you the best! Been there myself, so I can promise you it gets better day by day...the blogging and crafting definitely help :)
    Take care!

  11. Hey sorry to hear this. I don't know you personally, but obviously if there is anything I can do, do let me know. I've been there myself, so I can promise you it gets better. The crating and blogging definitely will help!

    Hope you are back to feeling like you did before any drama, in no time!

    Take care :)

  12. hi tejal :)
    Keep ur head up high , all is truly gona be well .
    will sure miss u a lot but ur decision is totally supported by all of us.And the quote in the end .... it sure stands true. :)
    Lots and pots of love


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