Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quote Calendar Album

 Hello everyone! I am back!
It is like a rule..I will say I will post and then I don't. But my Bujo obsession is going to help me be regular. Bujo= Bullet Journal..which I thoroughly love more than my actual planner system. But let's talk about that in another post.

Today I am sharing another Standing Quote Calendar..a picture of which I shared on my page a few days ago. Rather than sharing each page separately, I made a quick collage of the front and the back pages...

Here is the album as it stands! I love the Wooden papers from Papericious .. really good papers...

Here is a collage of quotes on the front side of the album...Feel free to open the picture in a new tab and see it full size.Some of these are printed straight on Fabriano Cardstock. And some on my favorite Campap paper...(which is increasingly becoming hard to find!!)
I print everything on my Epson L210 printer, which has now become the Epson L220 .One year on, no need to refill yet.

These are the pictures of the back pages of the album. I have to say, I am truly blessed with patience. When I could not set up my cameo to cut that particular silhouette of the family, I printed and fussy cut it. Oh is fussy cut!!

There are some pages that I truly love, so sharing those separately. This is the last panel on the front facing pages..

 This is the absolute back page of the album.

Well that's it for now...I do hope you enjoyed a peek into the album ..
Waiting eagerly for your comments and reviews and questions!

Till we meet again!

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