Friday, June 29, 2007

Trifold card

Here's my card for Maria's Tuesday inspirational challenge. She's come up with amazing challenges every week. I never used to participate in challenges, but now I kinda look forward to challenges on every blog, forum, or even from other blogger. It helps to stretch my creativity. It makes me wanna create something new, something good for someone or the other.

The inside sentiment is still pending..depending to whom i decide to give the card to.

I'm thinking of trying paper piercing now. Should check up on Emily's post for that. Awesome tutorials.

more later.

The rains are awesome right now. Love getting drenched and coming home to eat a roasted corn cob.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Roller coaster week

I really dont' know if this entry will get published. Reason, my computer is behaving erratically. just shuts down so before it does that again, here's the stuff i wanted to post.

Two cards, one for father's day. Got the idea from a couple of tutorials, which Allison puts up on her blog. She is one helpful lady. Her's is the first blog i always check.
so anyhow, i made this card for my dad. And got him a Parker pen. I think he has all the Parker pens in the world but will jump with glee if he got just one more.

And this one is for a friend. Tried out the gel card on SCS projects. turned out wonderful. The fish is so cute, just copied the clipart from the net, as i didnt' have any fish stamps.

The week was a bad one, tears, stress and complete failure of my positive thoughts to act. Just kept going bad to worse. Today its a little better, but i wish it could be even better than this. It's utter chaos, if you could peek into my mind. Standing on the cross-road, knowing you want to cross, but knowing you might die if you cross. AArgh!!! misery!! misery of not knowing what road to choose, not knowing where to go...

i guess love will keep us alive!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The hardest card to make...

This by far has been the hardest card to make. Not in terms of technique or layout. This card is for my best friend who lost his beloved dog. He was 14, old in dog years.

He was a stray puppy, lying with his 4 sibling pups and mom, all of whom were dead, only this one was fighting for life. My fren adopted him, and as the puppy grew, it adopted my friend's rebellious attitude. There was nothing in this world that could make the dog do what he did not want to do. And of course, the companion thru the darkest hours, that's what makes a dog man's best friend.

I've never owned a dog, but the stories i've heard about this dog, really made me want to adopt one. but an apartment is no place for a dog. when i heard that he was hit by a bike and paralysed waist down, i prayed that he should not suffer. Yet he pulled thru for over 4 days but could not eat anything, and on 4th day he passed away.

Everytime i sat down to make this card, i would choke up, not sure what to write or what to say that could console someone. Its like having lost your very best friend.

The image was taken from the net, and just drawn on a paper and then on acetate sheet, it looks bold.
The card says "mummy" coz i wanted to tell him, that the dog is finally at rest with his mom in heaven.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is it just me?

When I had decided that I would make cards for all my family and friends this year, I really just wanted to do something new. I was getting bored of my daily 10-12 and 5-9 part time job. Ok, I'm in the profession where I'm helping everyone else heal, but was not healing myself.

Anyways, so when someone tells me that they loved my cards, or even appreciates it, or even just thanks for the card, I'm over the moon. I get the same good feeling when some of my patients come back and thank me, or just tell me that I helped them heal. It makes it worth my time and day.

But 2 days back, when I made 2 cards, one for my granpa, and one for my couzin sistah, well they never said anything about it. No thanks, no I like it, no anything. Sadly they didn't even acknowledge it at all. My granpa is 85, so I can let it go. But my sitstah? We'd been thru a rough patch and I was trying to smooth things out. And I thought the card would start the road to mending, but sadly it's not to be.

I'll just have to forget that i made anything for her. But on the whole, is it wrong to expect people to appreciate you?
is it just me who feels this way?
As I'm writing this I just wonder about my mom, or for that matter every mom in this world. They're caring, working and being happy, yet without an expectation of thanks. I'll appreciate it more when i become a mom myself. Long time to go!!!

I think i answered my own question. Anyways, here's the card i made for her.
Background paper was downloaded from The template section of inkstains forum.
The envelope in the background was stamped repeatedly with a confetti stamp to give it the border.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

card goin to Australia

this is card made for my fren whom i used to call bee. dunno how the name stuck. She was my roomie in the hostel and there in started the bond that lasted for 10 yrs and going strong. She just moved to NZ and her hubby is in Melbourne, so i made a card for her. I was planning on using yellow but i saw this card on a blog, and i fell in love with the colors. I think more than the designs the colors inspire me. the patterned paper is by doodlebug desgins. Love the new black and whites they have.
I simply love how it turned out. i guess the sky is a bit smudged out. But i have to compromise on the colors i use so i think its pretty ok. I used a bit of copper glitter on the tree trunk(hand sketched)
overall i'm very happy with this card.
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