Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reviewing Varna's Stamp Set

This is my 2nd post in two days...please scroll down for my previous post and leave some love!! :)

A couple of weeks back, Varshitha asked me if could review her stamp set, which she's trying to get made in India. I agreed....and boy was I impressed. Finally some fabulous stamps proudly MADE IN INDIA!!
Varshitha first of all thank you for you unquestioning faith in my review and your praises. I'm honored and humbled.
So onto the stamp is the preview on her blog...
Its a beautiful set..the birdies and the sentiments are fabulous...and the background stamp, its stamps like a dream.
I wanted to test it out with different papers and different ink I'll show you and explain everything.....Most of the photos are self explanatory, but feel free to ask me any questions...

 I loved this background stamp...lining up is so easy with this stamp...excellent transfer of ink with distress ink...
 I had some Photo paper (glossy paper) and tried it on it too...Still a crisp impression, no smudging ...

 My most used paper for making cards...Fabriano Brustro, 220 gsm...and is slightly textured...

You can see the fabulous impressions on every image...

Embossed resist on my baby scrapbook mini....

 And I have done something which even Varshitha doesn't know...see that row of dots for hanging the bird-cage...guess where I've used it???

 Familiar? See those journalling lines? I've used the chain for the birdcage to create my journalling lines!! :D

 Here too and in the tag below!! Isn't this stamp wonderful??


 Here is my original review that I'd sent to her...which is also on her blog...Have you checked out the sneak peeks she's been giving out for all her stamps?  I can't wait to see all of them...

1.   I really like the deep etching of the stamp. Easy to peel off the CD and sticks very well on the acrylic  
      block too. My clear block is dirty and yet after adhering and removing the stamps a couple of times there was no problem at all.
2.   It takes up ink well. The ink does not pool up on the stamp as it sometimes happens in the case of water based inks like memento and distress inks.
3.   I stamped it using dye ink- memento black and red, pigment ink- brilliance inks, distress inks, and chalk inks. No issue with impressions at all. They stamp as good as PTI stamps.
4.   I also used different papers to try it out, Fabriano brustro, Ivory paper, watercolor paper and glossy paper. Crisp impression on every paper.
5.   The border stamp is simply amazing. The design is such that it allows for continuous stamping and I could not even find the joining line. Very very crisp impression.

Thanks Varshitha for such a fabulous opportunity and wishing you loads and loads of success in your new venture! :)


  1. WOW!!!Can't wait to try my hands on these stamps.Thanx a lot tejal!!!and thanks Varistha!!!

  2. Awesome!! I am so excited to have such high quality stamps made in India :)..Thanks Tejal for the review..

  3. liked i said in varshita's blog i think you are the best person to be reviewing it...the points that you have made are so clear really helpful for beginners like me...and now that you have even shared the pic's of the stamped images its all very clear!!!i love the way you have used those lines of the bird you to come up with something so innovative:)

  4. Great review...Would love to lay my hands on her stamps

  5. Oh wonderful! I would love to try some as well :)

  6. Awesome!! I am so proud!! One question - are the stamps clingy? or is there a need for double sided tapes etc.?

  7. I always love to read your technical posts.. somehow you have such a knack for it.The way you write and explain things, even a supposed "non stamper" like myself is tempted! Varshita is one lucky girl to have roped you in to write her product review!

  8. lovely !! reall good review writing :)

  9. Tejal, brilliant use of the line stamp!!!and what a professional review!!I love how u review u pdt!

  10. beautiful work! I would like to invite you the international blog hop. Please follow the link

  11. WOW!.. The stamp set is fab!..
    And I love your project! :D

  12. Wonderful explanation one could have done a better Love your post and the stamps too;)

  13. as always you make life so easy for all of us...loved the way you have explained things...nice innovative ways to use every single part of the stamp...Your the best ...

  14. Thanks for your lovely comments Tejal !!

  15. Just what you needed! Local stamp company! AWESOME!!! They look incredible and the image looks crisp. Soooper!


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