Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New card and some enabling!

This is my second post in 2 days, scroll down for my new album

I'm feeling so happy right now, stamping, coloring and glitter! What else does a girl need...maybe some diamonds but lets stay real!! :D
My card is based on the OLW31, Back to the beginning and for the Moxie Fab World- Birthday card challenge.   For me the thing that got me hooked onto to stamping was the technique of masking. I was awed by it. And watercoloring. The first time I brought a clear stamp, I didn't know what to do with it, the store just had the product, no clue on how to use it. Then came Gina K.'s blog and Maria Bell's blog and I found SCS. That was the day I was in, hook line and sinker!
I fell in love. Here's a peek at my first attempt at masking - here

This card is based on the Get Sketchy Card challenge #67

My card showcasing all 3 aspects of my love for stamping, Masking, water coloring and glittering! To be very honest, I just love this card..And love how the coloring came out..sometimes I just amaze myself..honestly! The stamp is from Inkadinkado. This is as simple gets!

And a shot of the bling..I think it is dazzling diamonds from Stampin Up! I love this stuff..Need some more! Will my needs and wants never end? I shop today and tomorrow I find something else that I love and need to have.

Well that's the card, and then some enabling..I promised to show you my new stash, so here goes-

Beautiful butterfly papers, had to grab more than one.  The pink plaid, and the snowflakes..yumm

 These are a bit vintage styles...never found any before, I just picked them up. Lets see where and when I'll use them.

 These soft colors, perfect for a baby album or baby cards ..
And the felt flowers. I love black and white, so in-spite of them having these in Christmas colors of green and red, I chose this. So anyone heading out to hobby ideas today?

I was given this beautiful award by Spardha and Rachna, and ETA: from Smita too!!  and have to pass it on to 5 other crafty people. I think each and every one of your deserves this, so if you're reading this please accept this award and post it on your blog and pass it to 5 other crafty gals..

3 things about me that are different :
I'm lazy..very very lazy. I think I could be related to the sloth bear by the lowest fraction, but related nonetheless. 
I love perfumes, at the last count I had 25 bottles.
I'm a true libran by heart and soul. I can argue both sides of the coin so well, I never really know which side I'm taking and by the end of 5 mins, I've confused myself thoroughly!

That's it for today..


  1. Firstly butterflies and now cupcakes ! :) Gorgeous as ever...love the masking...!!!

  2. so yummy,i feel like grabbing it:))and i want those papers too:))

  3. beautiful as usual... i too feel like grabbing it..:) paper are yummy..

  4. yummy stuff! and that is a beautiful card!!!

  5. Great masking on your card, gorgeous colours, have fun:0) xxx

  6. OMG...this is so pretty...tejal can u pls send this same one for me next year on my bday...pls pls ;-)LOL really great card..just loved every single piece of cupcake and the way u have colored it...ur back with a bang!

  7. You know you enabled me, dear Tejal ;-) Love you!!!!!

    And hey, I too passed this award to you :-(


  8. Oh yes, and the card is fantastic as always ;-)

    I bought the vintage sheets; didn't pick up any butterfly ones :-) but got a few floral ones.


  9. Cute card, Tejal! I love your masking. :)

  10. Card is so neat and colorful Tejal!!

    Love your new stash :)

  11. Lovely Card Tejal. Nice collection of papers too;) Have fun.

  12. Fabulous card - I like masking too - gives get depth.

  13. Gorgeous card! So bright and cheerful! I love how masking images make cards look almost 3D....just wish I wasn't so lazy....I'm not fond of cutting out images for the masks!

  14. Tajal you've come a long way with your stamping. Your fist card was great but your most recent card is awesome!! I love all those bright colors and bling!!!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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