Thursday, September 13, 2007

My first SCS challenge

I've always admired the concept of challenges in making cards. I use to admire them from a distance. Last week, I felt I was getting bored with no challenges, no birthday's this month to send cards to. So I started with the SC sketch challenge. And boy did I love it.
The card turned out great, I loved coloring it( I'm still trying to improve, i don't have prismacolors or copics) . There were so many first's for me in this challenge..

First time i used glossy paper. soaks up ink like a charm. The ink that would not dry on my regular cardstock, dried without heat.
The coloring was a first for a fall leaf. Loved how it turned out.
The fossil stone technique, i do admit, I dont' have many inkpads, (and sadly the store that used to have them, has stopped stocking them. Isn't it awful that once you get addicted to something, and you don't get it. I'm still trying to findout how to import inkpads from abroad. Most of my pals are coming in only in Jan. )

So overall, I liked playing along. I think there might be many more challenges I will attempt. since India is not a nation obsessed with stampers, I think there are only a handful who love stamping; My mom couldn't understand why I made the card if I wasn't going to give it to anyone. She asked what was the point of making it, if I was hoarding it. hmmm go figure!

Being the only one with the creative streak in the family, I doubt I could explain that challenges make you think outside the box. Make your grow.

Ah well! there's a lot they do not understand. Ranting for later on.

take care.

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  1. Wow Tejal..loved ur cards..they are absolutely wonderfull..!!

    Well all my stuff my dad got 4 me..wen he made a trip to U.S. recently for a family wedding..I was quite mean enuf to load him wid my list..By I made a mistake of not asking him to get ink pads 4 me...So I guess..they will ait for sumtime..wen my sis will arrive she stays in U.S...!!

    Hey I like all ur cards..simply lovable..I can understand how it feels..wen u dont get the stuff out here..wich u really wish to have..!!

    Check out my gallery on SCS, has more stuff then my blog..!!

    Take care
    And be in touch..!!


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