Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another challenge card

I loved doing the previous challenge on SCS so decided to make it a regular feature of my schedule to keep pushing my creativity. So here is my take on the 142 sketch challenge. What I like about this is that challenges are simple. And being simple there can be many many variations on this. Most of the other challenges I've seen have way too many elements, way too many layers.

At times, I've layered so much on the front panel, that the back panel collapses when I try to stand the card up. So I wanted to do a monochromatic color using one dash of another color, something I'd seen on Amy's post, and I loved what she did with just two striking colors. So I printed this paper off one of the scrap booking websites that offer free downloads. And in the end I like it, but still think there is something missing. No idea what though.

I still want to make the card for the Kort i fokus sketch challenge. Should be done and posted by today evening. Since I used red on the first card, I'm using the same pattern in black to do the next design. Let's see if I can raise my own standards. (hehe)

And just for the heck, this is the view from my living room. It was raining yesterday nite and I was playing with my new camera. It looks much better than it does in person.
Wait till the wedding season arrives, it will be even more lit up, as it is, it is just around the corner, end of November and December.

ETA: Just finished with my card for Kort i Fokus sketch 18 challenge. I have to learn how to draw the sketch which i'm attempting. Doing it from memory, makes you miss a layer or so. Damn. I missed out on one layer. So i'm not sure if it qualifies. But sending it anyways.
I liked how it turned out.
I'll try to post a better picture with my camera. It's 12 and i'm watching the India-Australia cricket match at the same time. And yay, India won...we're in the finals. yipeeeeeeeee!!!


  1. Awesome cards Tejal! I really love the pattern papers that you used! Wow, I love the view from your apartment! It's beautiful!


  2. Hi Tejal
    I saw that you link to my blog, thank you, I link to yours aswell. But I have changed blog so the link you have is to the old one.

  3. I like your black, white and red card also!


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