Saturday, August 18, 2007

long time no me??

Life is showing me a lot of twists and turns, there have been just tears and tears since one month. But now i'm a lot more composed. I've finally decided to stop crying, its not getting me anywhere and it certainly will not get me what I want. It's something to do with love. And I gave in to the saying "If you love someone, set them free. If he comes back he was yours. And if he doesn't he wasn't " I've left the future in God's hands, coz there isn't much I can do to change the situation. It's practically out of my hands. I'm just keeping the faith and living each day with the happy memories I have. And not lament over what I might or might not get. And at the same time, I'm trying to move ahead. Not get stuck up, not bottle up all my emotions, or feelings. Letting it out in various ways, making cards and listening to good music is another of it.

So I de-stressed by making a few cards. The Dentist my brother assists, sent me an amazing book on the way Mumbai was pre-independence. Great book. So I made him a thank you card and since his 5 yr old chatter box kid would ask why she didn't get anything, I made her a card too.
I used a roller stamp and partially inked images to separate them. It was a pink Fabriano paper. And oh yes I forgot to mention that my brother gifted me a faber-castell set of watercolor pencils. 48 of them. Gifted would be a wrong word coz I kinda bullied him into buying it for me as an advance rakhi present. Sisters can be mean sometimes, especially when Rakhi or b'day's are around.
This one was a very simple one with a handmade marbled paper I brought almost a year back. Since I basically eyeball all my layering and gluing, most of the times my cards are a little crooked. Makes it look hand-made IMHO. hehe!!

till next time

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  1. I really love seeing ur cards...loved that another one from also making cards & love stamping so much..If u get time check out my gallery at splicoaststampers..:


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