Wednesday, August 29, 2007

new cards.

Yeah yeah, i know lazy me. No new cards, no posts and no participation in challenges. Had lost my creative streak, took ages to find it. I am struggling to get some PP from someone in US or Aus. An aussie pal is trying to send it over. 12x12 sheets are big to send, i'm thinking of basic grey 6x6 pad. Will work fine. too much cribbing over what i want, here's what i made over the weekend.

This card was made for my best friend during college days. The cake didnt' stamp out properly so had to redo it. Looks a bit weird, need a good black inkpad. just mounted the image a lil off. thought it looked neat.This one is for my cousin, just a 15 min card. the watercolorpencils look dull. I need something better to perk up the images. Copics...not for me..way too expensive, prismacolor pencils...maybe someday...

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  1. Tejal, regarding patterned paper (we can't get it in Indonesia either...) - have you ever looked at digital scrapbooking paper? It's used for computer work, but the kits come with 30cm square "paper" in a format that you can print from your computer. There are tons of options that are free to download, and the only cost to you is ink and plain paper or cardstock, which is probably more available to you. Email me and I can send you some links if you want.



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