Monday, October 1, 2007

black and white.

I saw this fabulous concept on a craft site, ( gotta remember the site and let you know). The idea was to use black and white and oh my gosh, the card turned out to be very very awesome. there were a few drawbacks but overall the card was too fabulous, and very very easy to make. I'll put in the instructions, just in case.

Here's the card

I started with 5" square white CS.
Cut of 2.5" x 5 of the top panel on the right side.
With black CS, i cut a 3x5" panel and glued it under the half front panel.
Two 1.5" squares, one black and one white. The White square will be matted on white and vice versa.
Stamp your image with white ink on black square, and with black ink on white square.
Glue it on the center line where the white meets black.
And if you have some great border punches, create a 1/2" of border on a white and black CS, and glue it on opposite color CS.
And you're done.

now I'll list out the flaws, ( coz i'm sure no one's reading it so far :))
I dont' have white ink, so i used my white acrylic paint. urgh! it blobs and creates bubbles.
I don't have a SAMJ so getting my little heart to stay right in the center of the sq was a pain. I must ave ruined at least 5 sq pieces, black and white. Made my own version of SAMJ with a acetate sheet and a Cardboard in a T shape.

Will i be a happier person when i get my brilliance white dew drop inkpad...i sure hope so...

Cheers till later.

i'm approaching 100 post on my blog, am think of offering a blog candy. The only trouble is i've got only international readers. Coz no one in my country stamps and if they do, the don't blog. ( ok there is just one, she like me draws more than half her stamps)
Time shall tell..


  1. What a lovely card, Tejal. I love black and white cards, and yours is one of the best looking ones I have ever seen.

  2. Hi Tejal.
    Maria again, but as DT-mum for Cards in Fokus.
    You don´t have do do a Halloween card to participate in this weeks challenge. You can CASE (copie and steal/share everything) in your own liking, with other stamps of your choice.


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