Wednesday, July 25, 2007

random cards

Looks like i'm very late in posting my cards. Life is a bit twisty right now. I am supposed to make a decision whether I can fight for what I want or take with bowed head what life wants to give me. What I want is what I love, and what I will get, I will have to learn to love. Its a tough choice, not knowing what to do, whom to love and whom to hurt. Because someone is going to get hurt no matter what decision I take. Actually the power of decision has been taken from my hands, I'm just awaiting my fate.

Sounds too cryptic, but I can't reveal more. Maybe once the decisions are made, I could elaborate. Right now, I just need strength to accept what comes my way. I need courage not to break down, and faith to help me get through this phase. And I need lots of positive energy around me. So no more grumbly me!!!

Now on to my random cards, I made this card just to channel my energy to somewhere else other than thinking. So this is what i came up with. I wanted to color the flowers around the heart, but the watercolor pencils I have were to thick to get into the tiny detail. So I left it blankThe right hand side was looking too bland, so added a few bling sequins. And with the scraps left over from this card, I made an ATC for Maria's weekly challenge. Turned out great.
The bling in this card are stones I found in an embroidery store. Tried paper piercing too. Used my pergamano piercing tool and the grid. Its tough as I have to eyeball the distance. Will have to look for a transparent template for piercing.

This next one is also an ATC, I tried out for the first time. I'd never made any ATC before, and I think they're super easy. .I tried faux stitching in this card for the first time. and its cool.

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