Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My love for Paisley and Bling...

......overflowed into my wedding invitations. I have this fascination for bling..most of us cardmakers have it. Mine just got a bit too far..but I love it...
My wedding invitations are shiny and blinged up ... and if I had any of those paisley backgrounders..I would have ended up making my own invitations..but 400 invitations? way too much for me to handle. So I let professionals take over and I still had my paisleys and bling.
Here they are..

Thats the cover..a paisley in bling..

detailed view of the paisley on cover..

This is the actual card..I just love the golden embossed paisleys on chocolate metallic CS...and there's the bling quotient..gemstones on one detailed paisley .

Can someone count the number of times I wrote paisleys on this page? And in case there are some cards left over, I can always re-use them (evil grin :O)
I just wish I had some backgrounders..but with the economy floundering..I'll just wait till I can afford it.


  1. You KNOW 400 people?? wow.

    I eloped and including the justice of the peace there were 8 people in the room. Including the guy getting sent to jail for drugs.

    I like these invites-so many Americans spend way too much on theirs-sometimes 5 dollars each. My son and his wife made theirs (it was a theme wedding) and a lot more are doing that now. Guess it makes it more personal.

    So are you going on a honeymoon? Do they do that sort of thing in India or is there another tradition? My hubby promised me London as I wanted to look up family in the UK--36 years later, I am still waiting.

    Do you get married on weekends or any day of the week? How do you pick the day? My anniversary is this Saturday but no one will remember-but Hubby will remember his birthday on Monday. He gets a free burger (yuck) at RedRobin-and free icecream at Dairy Queen. Plus he will now qualify for senior citizen discounts and other garbage. He is also quitting his job-arent I lucky? Can I come be your maid or housekeeper??? I don't want to take care of old geezer boy. I should send him home to his sisters, right?

  2. Wow Tejal..itz lukin awsum..!!
    Congrats sow hen is the D day..???
    And where r u goin for honeymoon..i hope iam not getting personal...just curious to know..!!

  3. Ooo Tejal, these invitations are stunning...I love them..thanks for stopping by my blog today, if you want to be in with a chance of winning the stash you need to sign my guestbook.

    So glad I found your blog its very inspirational.. cant wait to see what you do next!!

  4. Ohh Tejal your wedding invitations are soo lovely!!
    I just want to wish you the best of luck with my Candy;) Thanks for joining!!
    Hugs, Camilla.

  5. jan was astonished at 400 people! LOL she should really see pur weddings! they are massive! lol
    your cards look absolutely lovely. seriously. i designed my friend's wedding card on photoshop and she loved it, even tho it was just a rough thing but she wanted only that! now she asked me to make her four different designs of eidi envelopes, which i did and she loved every bit of it. ill posting the pics and alll... now i have to impress someone else with my hand made card and she wants me to make 600 cards for her wedding in november! i said sorry dudette! 600 and i am the only one to work... no way!


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