Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BookMark Swap

Two posts in two days!! *faint*

But since I've been dying to share the pics of these bookmarks...all's fair...wake up those who fainted like I did!

I had a fabulous time planning and making these bookmarks!

Without further blah blah, here the book marks.

I just loved how I tried new things....will get to each in the next pics!!

With so much discussion on the Melhuan books on the Facebook Reading Group, it was but apt that I use this as the backdrop for this hook bookmark...

 The hook and the butterfly are from Artystree's store on Facebook, butterfly bead from Pie lane..and other beads are from my own stash.
 This is a paper bookmark...The are at least 6 layers of papers on this...which is quite quite unlike me.
The background pp is from Priya (from a swap) the light blue PP is from Priya Venkat, vintage paper my stash, the blue journaling tag from Imaginisce, the smile is a sticker from hobby idea. Washi tape (black polka dot) from Rachan's store. phew!!

I did not opt to put pearls on the butterfly, coz as a bookmark it is supposed to be flat.  you add pearls or beads and you end up spoiling your book..

This is one thing I saw that many crafter's did not keep in mind while making the book marks. While trying to make it pretty, they made the bookmarks impractical to use. Just keep that little pointer in mind...

 My most cute one of the lot!! Wanted something whimsical along with the cuteness factor!! The tutorial for which can be found here .

This cute little bug is a magnetic bookmark...I completely forgot to open it up and take a pic....there is magnet on both the halves inside..so the bookmark doesn't shift even if you shake the book like crazy ( I tried to..!!)
 the words are a sentiment that I saw on Papertrey ink's set. And it has been made with a Dymo label maker..The bug is a internet freebie..(hopefully) and I kinda went crazy with rock candy stickles and glossy accents. 
A little pie lane glitter strip at the end..

This is what I loved making...having discovered a vintage notebook at my mumbai house, this was awesome to make. (could you belive it, I tried to sell the book to a raddiwala, and he refused to take it..) and I  had paid 20 bucks for it!!

So in short, this was a bargain find. Petals are hand cut..(yes..no dies) distress, water colored, gold spritzed with Lindy Stamp Gang spray, and edges with a  hint of Pie lane glitter... Ribbon is from Jovita's store.
Click the pic to big it..and see the gold shimmer..and why I love LSG sprays!
 The butterfly I die cut and embossed with the Cuttlebug set..the dangling charm..all my stash...
The brad in the flower is from Basic Grey Curio collection, which is flooding the indian market.

Phew!! Thanks for staying with me through this pic heavy post...but the beauty of these is in the pics...

Will share my received bookmarks when it goes live on Swap Central .


  1. Hi Tejal!

    I LOVED your book marks...all of them are so damn good...The hook book mark and the ribbon book mark (is that what it's called?!) are my personal favourites. I love the way you have cut and coloured the flower in the ribbon book mark...and the butterfly as usual is soooooo beautiful...I totally love what you have made...


  2. Really liked your bookmarks Tejal. The flower bookmark made with the pages of the vintage book is my personal favourite.

  3. Ooh which one is the fav is so hard to decide but I think the metal one is simply fantastic!!

  4. Oh i really liked all your bookmarks ...especially the magnetic bug one ...its too cute for words and the vintage one is so gorgeous!! too...so much variety and each so well made...am sure Piali must have loved this!!

  5. They are all so awesome girly but I think I loved the vintage one the most just because it is so not your style and yet you did an amazing job with it :)

  6. They are all sooooo beautiful.. Great work dear.


  7. OMG! in LOVE!!! especially the red ribbom bookmark! Am gonna chori karo the idea.. ;)

  8. All of them are just awesome ! I am amazed how you get all these different ideas !!

  9. All of them awesome.all of them unique.I loved all of them but I just loved the angry bird and the vintage one.where did you get your dymo label maker from ? I am looking for one and please tell me for how much

  10. They're all so lovely! I (heart) the vintage notebook one :)

  11. So so so creative!!! Very clever! The Angry Bird one tops my list along with the vintage one is simply divine!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  12. Lovely booksmarks..loved the hooked butterfly and the vintage flower/butterfly!..love the embossing and the use of gold/glitters

  13. I vote for the ribbon/butterfly/flower book mark.....that's the best one in my book. Just kidding......all of them are lovely, the metal beaded one and the angry bird too. But still the ribbon one is my fav. You still have the pp stash (wasnt that from eons ago?) Priya Venkat

  14. I have already said it and i will say it again... I love that hooked bookmark :)
    And I agree bookmarks should be flat so that it can be used and not something to just keep it in a box...

  15. I know you told me earlier but please bear with me and tell me again where did you get your dymo label maker from and for how much.i believe you told me that one can get it in delhi.Also please tell me how you made the vintage bookmark.i want to make one too.


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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