Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey there

First of all, a BIG BIG BIG BEAR HUG to all of you....those who read, those who stalk....I am overwhelmed with the support and love regarding my previous post....and hopefully I don't wish to keep that a regular a cry baby, but lets leave that off the blog!

Thank you to every one who left comments, those who emailed me...thank you for your support and reading the comments, it was clear...everyone needed a place to vent. Every one is frustrated with the way things are...Hopefully there is a way out of this messy situation.

I am beginning work on another will again disappear from the blog world...I convince myself I will not take another custom work, but every time someone asks me, I can't say no.

The thrill of making something new...designing each page, searching for the perfect embellishments, making sure I do not repeat anything from my previous work (unless asked for) the thrill is amazing. And trying to add those interactive elements, its just a new high!!

On another note, have you joined the Swap at Swap Central...the theme is amazing...creating your own Pattern paper....
Here is something from my experiments...

To know how I did this...hop on over to Swap Central Blog

See you soon with a card that I am absolutely dying to share....hope it reaches patience is waning!! :)


  1. Wow ...can't wait to see both you new card and new scrapbook...meanwhile this looks interesting too so hopping over to read more about it.

  2. yaa ,thanks for great swap.waiting to see your wonderful creations

  3. Great to see u in action again Tejal..its an awseome handmade pp..wanna a tutorial on this !!

  4. Agree with poornima ! want a tutorial ! This is very useful for jugadu crafters like me ..


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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