Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Birthday Wish

Today I bring another senti and maybe mental post…today I celebrate the birthday of my zodiac twin…well almost twin…I’m a cusp on the other end of the spectrum…yet both of us are more Libran in trait than the other dark zodiac side as I like to call it…

So this is one of my other BB Gurl…Saumya...and as I say I think God for BBM’s.  Friendships are not only for gossiping…they are the highlight of a bad day… but for me friendship is when they enrich my life… take me one step beyond where I was…and this friend and her friendship has given to me. 
As a friend, she’s always there to listen at the oddest hours…(though why she is up at odd hours is still a mystery..I guess star plus has to take the blame for that) she always has the best advice for me..which sometimes I may not like to hear..but a friend doesn’t tell you what you want to hear…its what needs to be done. 

And as a zodiac twin, I love figuring out things we have in common…and the list keeps growing everyday…every other day, I get to learn something new about her..and she about me…I admire her dedication to her goals..for an exhibit in July, I’ve witnessed her slogging from February and if the exhibition was a roaring success, I know that all her hard work has paid off… and other than constant motivation and a steady stream of “you can do it” we didn’t help with anything…and that’s why I feel more proud to know her as a person. Coz that steadfast dedication is missing in me, and I hope sooner or later it will rub off on me!
 I also love to get shocked at certain habits, traits that are so eeringly similar to mine, its downright scary..
I love the late night chats..the planning for the swap…and the tele-conference calls…those are hilarious…and more so coz all of our thoughts and ideals are so on the same page..the love for MOD donuts (Khush if you weren’t a weirdo, we could share this love too), discussing books, movies, and mostly discussing the next craft supply to buy..…(I am sure quite often my husband regretted buying me a BB) and the research we do..its awesome!!! 

So my BB girl, my Gossip gurl…love you to bits and pieces…and may our friendship survive all the ups and downs and all the gossips in between…Here’s wishing you a fabulous year ahead especially with your new venture..
and this post is to compensate for the lack of a gift or a card which I didn’t send..it takes time to plan for someone who has everything…Welcome to the new Twenties!! 
So this would be your most probable reply....
And for those who aren’t Saumya, please don’t think that this sugary post is a means to show off our friendship..it is actually, but its also to show that there are good people in the world, contrary to what facebook has been Witnessing in the past few days...you can find meaningful and friendships that expect nothing in return…I hope you find a true friend too …if you do, never let them go….

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