Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For letting me learn parchment craft, for encouraging me to learn whatever i wanted to learn..Thanks pa Posted by Picasa


  1. hi there,
    I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog but I cannot find your email add.I hope you don't mind me replying here.By the way nice embroidery here..!Well, to be honest with you, I went for a scrapbooking show here in the Uk and saw these nice flourish unmounted stamps.There was only one left and he wouldn't sell it to me.And for me it was love at first sight!!So he told me to buy one, pay for it and he will stick one in the post for me.I was so much in love that I did it even though I hoped he wouldn't forget me.I got them within a week and got so excited about them that i threw away the packaging! yeah silly me!!!so, I really cannot tell you which stamps are they...so sorry about this! But I will be very happy to send you some stamped images!I gather you are from Inida and always wanted to know if there is any craft shop there.I have been to India once and loved it to bits(Bombay).So, if you want some stamped images, email me on craftytassy@gmail.com with details or leave me a comment!!

  2. pretty pretty pretty!!!! Get back to parchment too.. :D


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