Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Introducing the humble Comma and fullstop!!!!

This is going to be a long post...so if you don't have the time to read my blah-blah..just scroll down for the cards..so now on to my blah-blah..
First I must thank Susan for sparking a riot in my brain..ever since I did her OLW punctuation challenge, my brain has been whizzing with ideas..and suddenly my oft neglected alphabet stamps made an appearnce. In my last post I introduced you to the question mark and the exclamation mark

Before I ramble ahead to the latest card..here is one more with the same kind of flower created with the question mark...Never have I attempted so many cards to make on card...this is experiment no 3. The first card was perfect, until my stamp pad fell on it, and smudged the whole image, the sentiment didn't stamp out completely in the second try and this is the third attempt. Phew!! This beautiful sentiment is from Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps!

  And now, I bring forth the Comma and the full stop.

Here's the first card..I was inspired by this card on Susan's blog..I picked up the color combo and went with that...Had this ink cube lying for 2 yrs, this is the first time it got some use :D

This is a small note card, measuring 3x4.5 and the frame made with comma's (yes, your humble comma, with the full-stop as the center of the flower) works beautifully to encase the sentiment, which is again from Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps. Sue, has a wonderful collection of Christian themed word stamps and lots of sentiments for a very good price. (No, I don't get paid to advertise, I just love the sentiments)

I was suffering bling withdrawal symptoms so had to put in just a little bling on the center of the flowers

Then my brain wanted to use the same colors and create another notecard..but this time wanted to complete the flowers...so this is the next card that I made..

And since I wanted to use the same color theme as the earlier card, I took my watercolor pencils and just highlighted the sentiment. And yes, there is glitter here too..

Not much but enough to satisfy my craving for glitter.

I have never had so much fun in making cards, and finally when I'm down to the basics of stamping, using only 3 elements, stamps, ink and paper, did I realize the true joy of stamping. And now I know which side of the line I stand on. I stand on the side of clean and simple stamping. So having realized that, I know that I need more kinds of inks. So here's where your input comes in. Which is the best kind of ink to buy..I'm close to buying Memento inks. With choices comes confusion. And from where would you recommend I buy?
And after posting 3 cards, (which by the way is a record for me), I still am not done..I just have one last picture to show to you...

 If you are still here with me, thanks a million for reading this far.

Cast of Characters:
Fabriano CS white.
Blue ink from Hobby ideas
Brilliance dew drop graphite black.
Brilliance dew drop pearlescent poppy 
 Uniball Signo silver glitter pen (I need some more and can't find any..if you find it let me know)
All sentiment from Heart and Soul Rubber Stamps


  1. Nice!! Lovely use of the stamp set, I must say!


  2. I like your style Tejal, your cards are a real eye candy, your blog makes an interesting read too! keep up the good work!

  3. SOOOOO clever! Love, love, love the punctuation flowers and your variation on your first card. ANd good on you for sticking with the first card through two disasters. I particularly hate it when a sentiment doesn't stamp completely. so very frustrating!

  4. I am so glad that you have been inspired!! Your cards are all great! I have no good advice on inks becuase I haven't used enough types to be a good judge. I think you'll like whatever you get!!

  5. I love how you highlighted the sentiment with blue! It looks pretty! And I love your use of the commas! So cool! :)

  6. Cool idea there Tejal. Priya

  7. OMGosh these are wonderful! I too have fallen in love with the Simplicity blog!

  8. Your cards are all so wonderfully CREATIVE! Who knew punctuation could be so fun lol! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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