Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Long time no see

Its been a month and a half that this blog has been lying dead!!! oh well, blame it on a lot of things...but mostly, I didn't have anything to share!
One month vacation, lots of family issues..and some personal health issues (I had back pain, and before that could heal, I took a tumble down the stairs, so now my bum hurts) ! so that combined into me not wanting to blog about anything...

But I can't stay away...even if it is to ramble, I had to stop by and say hello....and probably share what I've been on a buying spree over here!!

First up I got some of my hero arts stuff!! can you imagine its not inked yet?yeah...shame on me!!

This has been on my wish list for soo long!! finally its here and its huge!!!

 These are a part of three set that I got a fabbie deal on ETSY. Lets see how I use them!!!

Another font set that I've always wanted!!!
ETA : I won a 50 AED voucher at Pretty Paper Studio for taking part in their  blog hop, and with that I had to choose this fabulous stamp!! Neelu is dying to see me use this...and so am I...I love it to bit, yet it scares the hell out of me!!
Thanks Neelu!

Then I got my very first lawn fawn set
Then I also got 2 fiskars quotes stamps...
But my bestest buy which I thought I didn't need but I think I'm gonna love it anyways,
My Martha stewart scoreboard! The arrival of which was a sad story, but I'm sure I'll use it and love it totally!!

And something that's on the way is my dearly beloved paper trimmer!! This I will review it up!!! This trimmer, I've been waiting for 2 yrs!! 12x6 Tonic Guillotine paper trimmer!!

That's a lot of spending...and this doesn't count the tiny tiny things that I've Staedler watercolor pencils, washi tapes, ink pads,  more paper...etc....but mind you....all this was over a period of 5 months...nothing in one month or week!!!
So please don't be jealous...don't type a comment that you're jealous...its understood!! Just tell me you want me to see use it!!! That's all!!

A few projects that will take a long time to finish and will share more of it soon!!

This is a mini album, which I was to finish by may end...but coz of my back pain, couldn't sit for long to to do it...Thankfully my friend is in no rush!! so I can take my time slowly with it! I've done all the tags, but some tags are not to my liking, so will do them again...and will do a tute on this kind of mini, my version of it! :)

Also my CD mini is done, and boy, what an awesome one!! I can't share till it reaches my partner, and goes up on the blog!! But you have to see the inspiration that we're gonna get over the next 14days starting from monday! trust me!!

Do join in the next friendship swap that is up and running on the Swap Central blog!

Till my next post, drool away!!
p.s. i have a lot of wood mounted stamp coming out for sale! keep an eye out!


  1. but I am soo not jealous! I am very happy for you! Good buys and I love that framed sentiments stamp (adding to wishlist. The one you got a fabby deal on is actually really great. Get inking girl, what are you waiting for! but first, get better though!

  2. Lovely stuff you have got Tejal!!!!Love it all!!!

  3. the zig zag stamp didn't make the list ;)

    looking foward to your lovely creations

  4. It seems finally you are back tejal, and that to back with a bang and loads of goodies.. The scoreboard is also in my wishlist from god knows when .. And definitely I am not jealous :) (Well a little bit ;) ).. Hope you make some fabulous new projects.. And yes can wait to see the various CD mini albums for the swap..

    Have a great Day,

  5. ohhh this is all droool worthy but i am so eyeing that chevron stamp...definitely on my wish list now!!!! and like you i am waiting for my fiskars trimmer too!!! hopefully i will get it in the next 2-3 months!!!well i really like the look of those mini album and waiting for you to put up the tute!!in meanwhile wish you all the joy of creating with all this new stuff:)

  6. I will not lie! I,m jealous!!! LOLLL!!! grt stuff!!!

  7. Hahahaha... awesome stuff! would surely love to see u use them.. I love the lawn fawn stamp the most.. waiting to see the complete look of the mini album :)

  8. Jealous ... a bit ... but curious.... Lots.. Want to see what u r going to make...

    Wanna know more about that trimmer... and i have zero knowledge about those hero arts stamps or whatever those things are.... so i would like to know more abt them...

  9. Lovely buy....Eager to see the creativity with these...:)

  10. OMG... so madam you were so very busy splurging :D But your catch is fab... I am sure you are gonna enjoy your booty to the core. Now waiting for your creations :)

  11. Hey nice to hear from you :) Hope you feel better soon...
    It's always a treat when you get craft goodies, isn't it? Hope you get lots of time and opportunity to use all of them soon :) Have fun, take care!

  12. Yes...I am missing your creations lately! Get better soon and start inking these lovely stamps:)

  13. <3 it <3 it !!!!
    we have missed ur work for a while :)


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