Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where have I been...

First of all, Thanks to all the nuts who went along with my boredom and played along the Tag game!! I have had so much fun reading it all...If I've not stopped by your blog, leave me a comment...I will stop by!! I am going to make a crazier version of a Tag and do it later on!! That's a promise...

So there haven't been many posts from me, not much crafting on my part.. I'm in the transition period right now....I am a CAS girl..but somehow now I find that boring. Its the story of my life. I get bored very soon...

Right now I'm on a discovering spree...I played with watercolors but decided, it wasn't my came decoupage. Its still in the expreimental stage.. but not getting a perfect finish..that is bugging me. Need to play around a bit more till I feel that I've done a good job!

And then there is lots of behind the scenes research that I do...for Swaps (err..that's just an excuse to watch more YT videos, plus I have to keep myself updated, if I am to be the walking talking Google :p)

And especially when hubby gets holidays, there goes my crafting for a toss...2 weeks of holiday for him means no crafting. I am the messy types and he is the cleanliness freak and even though he tells me to go ahead and craft...from the corner of my eye, I usually see him cringe at the mess I make.

I know his fingers itch to go and pick up that piece of scrap I just threw off. But like a darlin that he is, he resists. And like a darlin wife that I am, I try not to put him in that spot and keep away from crafting. When I don't craft. I shop! Brought some dies, stamps, and more dies which will find its way to me end of December.

Plus there have been books....The Krishna Key, Almost Single...Movies- The life of things have been moving, but just not happening on the blog front.

If you like Mythological books, you will like Krishna key... I won't say you love it. Because the resemblence to The DaVinci Code is so evident, it puts you off at times. Its fast, its racy, its full of stories, legends, and mytho references. There are some really awesome theories, some mind boggling details. Some fabulous discoveries that make you wonder, is it fact or fiction.
 But why is all the running, why is every third dialogue a lecture on the history and its origins, it didn't make sense to me. And the ending...wasn't what I expected. It was too open..maybe it was his intention, but I like closure in a book...So borrow it and read...I am rather waiting for the 3rd book in the Trilogy of Shiva...Amish hurry up!!

The life of Pi. The visuals, stunning. The animation. Stunning.  Story line - Didn't know there was one. The tiger- awesome.
I am not trying to kill the beauty that this movie is, for anyone. But I probably went with too high expectations after reading the 4 star reviews. Sometimes it felt like I was watching National Geographic in 3D. One review said, if you want to know what mediation is, go watch this. You will discover God.

Did I find God, or learn how to meditate...nope!!  I just came back with some stunning visuals, and some good 3D. Though Irfan Khan did manage to choke a tear out of me....but then he's brilliant.

So that's about what's happeneing with me. Should be back to post my planner which I made for the Swap Central's swap, Its already up on facebook if you want to see. Hoping to start a few cards .... but I want to write write and write some more!! Maybe my writing bug has bitten me again!!

before I ramble anymore, I'll say bye here...and be back soon with some crafty posts!


  1. Nice write up and enjoyed reading it.The Life of Pi is on my list too.i wan to read the book first.I have heard from few others about the resemblance of the Krishna key and DA Vinci code and Almost single is hilarious .You will love it.I am waiting for the oath of Vayuputras too.The official date of its release is 21st DEC.

  2. Nice to read a long post from you!! I am waiting for the 3 rd book too!!Krishna Key is on my to read list :) Any reviews abt the recent Twilight.. think could not watch it with my son around.. :) Shall atleast hear what u have to say abt it :) And I have played ur tag game and njoyed it!! Thanks girlie ..

  3. And that is the question I have been asking "Where the hell have you been?" and now I finally have the answer :)

    Good to know that you are doing so many things right now. Would love to borrow the book sometime :)

    Wish I could go watch all movies that have come and gone in the past 6 months *sigh*

    And bored with CAS?? Try shabby chic, I have taken a liking to it offlate :)


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