Monday, February 25, 2013

Scrapbook Album - Part 2

So here I am with part 2 of my Baby Girl Scrapbook. You can check out part one Here. Yesterday I'd left you with a page for the baby to meet all her family members...

Today I continue with her naming ceremony page. Since she is only 15 days old as of today, her name is not yet decided. so I've left the space blank which the parents will fill later on.
See the notebook edge punch? That's my Valentine's day gift. Hubby says he's lucky his wife doesn't care for gold or diamonds!! If only he knew that my wishlist was mile high....he'd watch his words!!  :p


 Here are pages for when she celebrates her first festivals in her first year....I've taken the main ones...Holi (Those stamps from Varna were amazing for this page) there's a little rakhi I made with a flower.
This page has fireworks made from Stencils from Sristhi's studio. And the rocket too!! both are inked with distress inks. The alpha stickers on the side are from Printasticks.

 These 3 pages track her progress from each month as she grows. The colorful pages are a true rub off from Khushboo's love for bright colors!! The photo corners are MS punch, the number digits and alphabets are die cuts. (vintage market and baby face die)

 This is for when she turns one year old.  DCVW celebration stack rocks!! The bottom right is an accordion pull out page.

 Page for some more party pics, and some tags for gifts, venues, themes etc when they plan the birthday party.

A requested page for baby's keepsakes, like hair, nails, cord etc. that the mom wants to preserve. both of these are envelopes and with tags.

The last page of the book. A page for just showing off my dies that I didn't use in a long long time!! Here I've asked the mom to paste the sweetest smiling pic of her baby when she can capture it.  I loved making this page..the felt grass, the felt baby clothes and the fence die...just fell right into place!! 

So here's my book done. I'll be doing up the video soon, as I haven't been able to show the flip out pages well. Lets see when I get around to doing that. 

Hope you enjoyed watching the pages as much as I loved showing them off. 
As again, feel free to ask anything that I might have missed out on....

See ya soon!


  1. hello.. you do govinda even better than me... this is a gorgeous album tee... now you not only have to do my wedding album but also my baby album... :P

  2. Awesome use of PPs. Each page is beautiful in its own way. I love the last page. The baby clothes are so adorable.. And love the bright colours on all the pages... Awesome scrapbook album.. :)

  3. WOW ,stunning creation ,you made whole bok as it is for yours...happy reciever -isn't all the efforts.

  4. Short of words...this just excellent piece of much thought must have gone to create each page...inspired to do atleast 5% of what you do tejal.Thanks for being such great inspiration

  5. awesome pages...... bright and appealing loyouts...

  6. ufff buss kerdoo... awesome awesome! I love those tiny tiny clothes! that die is superb! i love your felt grass!

  7. Hey Tejal this collection of pages is another treat. I really admire the effort you've put into with the accordion folds and the tags. Plus the bright colors truly rock! I just did a post of the Celebration pages for the scrapbook I was working on. Come over when you can :)
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn

  8. Nice work.. M working on my own baby's book.. ur work is retreat for me.. :) This blog hop journey has brought me to ur blog and i will always keep hopping now... :)


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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