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Info Post | Distress Markers Vs. Copics

I'm back....not really but needed something to post on my blog! So picked up a random topic I saw someone discussing and thought I'd do a post! Fancy me doing a post on this when I own neither Copics nor Distress markers! But here I am anyways!
If you wanna know where I'd disappeared to, here's a link to my personal more mixing crafting and my personal life. Yeah, Its another blog for me, but then who is counting! not me!! :D

So coming to the topic of my post. First of all, Distress Markers (DM) and Copics are way two different entities. You cannot compare them. They are as different as Tea and Coffee. They have nothing in common with each other, except that you use them as color mediums.
The first and foremost is one is a Water Based Marker, i.e the DM and the Copics are Alchol Based.
But in their own right, they're super heroes. Let me tell you what each is.

Distress Markers
Pic referenced from Tim Holtz Blog.
If you've used Distress inks, Distress stains, then you've used these inks. Only in a different form. DM have the same properties as Distress inks. i.e., they are reactive with water, blend-able, and basically work the same way as your Distress inks do. You can use a paintbrush and blend these fabulously.

Only that they are in a pen form, which gives you the added advantage of coloring with them and painting directly on stamps and stamping! I have seen bloggers used Distress ink refills and color images amazingly's one of my favorite bloggers who does amazing work - Vera

Here is another in-depth review for these markers...Scrapbook Update.

Here's a fabulous tutorial on coloring with Distress Markers - Cards By Becky

And now Alcohol Based Markers
  Which includes a lot of markers...Copics (Original, Sketch and Ciao), Promarkers, Touch Twin Markers, Spectrum Noir, Sharpies, Bic-It Markers, and a new to the market - Finecolor Sketch Markers ( I have seen them in the Mumbai store that I visit...but yet to try them) 
These are all alcohol based, and very very vivid when coloring with them.

I have a couple of markers from Promarkers and Touch twin markers (because I get them locally here!! heheh!!) I also own Sharpies and Bic-Its. I only use them for Flat coloring, no shading.

 And I would say, if you can, get 3 from each color shade or family...lightest, medium and darker shade. And then as you get advanced, build up your color collection.
Shading isn't possible with Sharpies or Bics ( you can to a little extent with Bics, but don't compare that to the shading you get from Copics)

There is a lot of info and reviews on Copics already done. And for me not having used them, I won't do a performance review. I'll leave that to the experts.
Here's some amazing tutorials on coloring with Copics - Pinterest

And if you think you can't color well with Touch Twin markers ( a shade cheaper than Copics, but awesome none the less!) Check out Dina's Blog and be prepared to be Wowed!

This is the most comprehensive FAQ's on Copics I've liked...there might be more. But I love Sharon's blog, so this gets posted on my  blog...Check it out here...

So I'll wrap up my post here!! And post in any questions if you have....since I won't be crafting for a while, I have all the time in the world to browse and get back to you!! :D


  1. thanks for the sharing the links and wonderful post.

  2. WOW Tejal!!!Thanx for sharing such informative posts. Really helpful!!!

  3. linked up lots of information!! Thanks for the post!!

  4. Tejal, I am so novice when it comes to distress inks, markers, stains, etc. They all confuse me. Thanks for this post. But I still would like to know if distress inks/markers/stains can be used in lieu of one another. I just ordered by first set of distress inks from a craft store.

  5. Don't now anything about these markers...thanks for sharing this info Tejal !!

  6. What an excellent post! Thanks so much sharing... And did you say you get some of those markers locally? ;)

  7. Thank you so much for this post.. Some of the links given here were really helpful.. I think I now know what I should go for.. ;)




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