Friday, September 13, 2013

Blending with Faber Castell pencils and Odorless thinners

I finally managed to shoot part 2 of my Coloring with Faber Castell Bi-colors. In part 1, I showed you how to blend those waxy pencils with a blender pencil. You can watch it here...But those blender pencils are not easy to come by.

So I had set about searching for an alternative method, and it  took me so long, because I had to find local versions of  blending mediums...and I finally found it...and I love the results I got with it....What I am using are oil paint thinners...called OMS (odorless mineral spirits)

These thinners are called OMS because they are odorless...

Most of it is self explanatory when you see the video

I do have to give credit to Amy R of pariepaperink, from whose video, I got the idea of putting the sponge in a baby food jar.

Here are the samples that I colored in my video...I think I really like this method of blending the colors.
Even better than watercoloring!
What say?

And here are the links to the various products I have mentioned. The Daler Rowney low odor thinner

Another substitue for this can be the Camlin Distilled Turpentine, but which as I said stinks a ton...It has a strong pine odor...if you don't mind can pick that up too at your local stationary store. The camlin turpentine wouldn't be called an OMS because it has a strong smell or odor. 
 I'm just sharing the pics coz sometimes you may forget the names of the product, but you'll always remember the pictures!! :p

Also there is the Winsor  Newton Sansodor ..same as the Daler Rowney product..I haven't been able to find it anywhere here, but if you do get that, that's a good option too.

 Blending stumps/sticks (paper stumps) I have found mine in my local craft shop. If you can find, that's good, but you can also get the set from Creatacolor which is of a higher quality.  

Papers I use are Brustro 200 gsm (not 220 as I mention in the video) 

Hope you do try this method...
Feel free to leave your questions and of course, do leave your feedback. Which is what I thrive on!! 

So what next would you want to know...I'm searching for topics for my next videos....

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  1. Lovely Tejal!!

    It's awesome how you find stuff :) Thank you so much for sharing!

    Will check out the video when I get home.


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