Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Standing Flip Photo Display Album..

,,,phew!! That was a mouthful of a title!!

So...(do I begin everything with Soooo!!?)  I have challenged myself to blog everything I make before I post pics on facebook...and also to go and comment on at least 10 blogs in a week...more is better....
I feel no one reads blogs these days....its the world of just "Liking" everything and leaving everything else unsaid. I realized that just "likes" don't boost the confidence of a crafter...its the little comments at the end of the post that mean the most....Sure it will take effort on my part...but I'm going to blog more...encourage others to blog more....its more than just sharing your creations...its about sharing who you are and where your creativity comes from!!
Phew...I wanted to say these words since soo long...laziness came in between...not anymore!!

This Photo Display Stand is made from a tutorial from Marla at Lake Avenue Designs..check here for the complete tutorial..  No ribbons, no butterflies, no flowers and no laces... would that make it easy or hard....!! You decide!

I have changed a few things.... My pages measure 6 inches across instead of 5 in the tutorial...I wanted more space...And I made my own base to keep it to follow..

This is how the Album will stand...I adore the sentiments....They are from Technique Tuesday..Incredible...I love Ali Edwards beautiful handwriting fonts!! The main happy birthday is a file from Silhouette store...and the background shape..Couture Creation die from IB Store...Cupcake from PTI

So each page flips over to reveal a photo under it...

Here's the first flip....I've kept the embellishments, the extra nonsense to a minimum...bcoz I wanted the pictures to be the highlight of the album... not my supplies or my dies!

 And this is where the arrow points too..I wanted a cheeky way of saying the sentiment, but hiding the main word at the same time!! I don't know if that makes sense to you!

I loved creating this page...cutting the letters out with my new toy...Silhouette Cameo!! It is awesome!! I mainly wanted it for the titles...I used to get fed up of not having the perfect font dies or the time I would waste in cutting individual alphabets one after the other....This baby is so worth if only I ever cut out alphas all my life!! :p

This photo was so adorable, that it needed its own Polaroid this frame is handcut! yes..I do use the scissors now and then!! :p
Stamps from Lawn silly Valentine....Stars from MFT- Stackable stars

Again embellishments to a minium....the photographs speak a thousand words...and I wanted them to be the focus... The Say Cheese is again cut from the Silhouette Cameo... The red Tabs are MFT bracket die...the are small pullouts for secret messages (wink wink!)
And the last back page....
I wanted something cute and whimsical on the last page...this is the back page. The banner is a SC cut file.. Stars again is a Lawn fawn stamp - Cruising through life.

This is where I made my own changes....The tutorial had a ribbon stand...I made it my own way....

I made this stand and this is how the album will stand.... if you need a tutorial...leave a comment..and I will make one for you...

So this is how the whole album came about...In 3 days...its a record of sorts for me!! :D

Any queries about any supplies or for making it...leave a question with your email...I can't answer if your email isn't connected to your blogger account!

See you with more backlog posts!!


  1. It's an awesome photo display album. Definitely, something which I am seeing here first !!
    I love the whole concept and the fabulous way that you have created each of the page by keeping the pictures in the main focus and the sentiments the highlight rather than any embellishments! :)
    Totally agree with you, that now a days blogging seems to have taken a back-seat to the facebook likes. I see that people find it easier it to either like or comment on facebook rather than to check out a blog post.

  2. Pretty, pretty album, Tejal. I love Ali Edwards' handwriting too! :)

    Love the edged words cut out using the silhouette.

    Yeah, likes seem to be the way to go nowadays. Sadly likes rarely acknowledge the effort :(

    Anyways, way to go girl!

  3. Lovely album,Tejal with ur favorite color Red. Love the way u have done the detailing.Hope u are having great time with ur new crafty toy. Expecting many more such posts to inspire us :)

  4. This is the best and I have the perfect birthday boy to make for. Could you please share your holder. Thanks

  5. cute album, the link for the tutorial is not working can you help?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Tejal!
    Loved your idea for storing pics with the bubbly sentiments. :)

  7. Wow, Tejal! Really, really fab project. I love the detailing and the cute sentiments which are so perfect for each photo. This definitely a must try. And what a lovely gift it will make for someone special.

  8. The letters look so cool and good you are committing to blogging.I have started becoming active in FB since many crafters have migrated to that but I cherish my blog and my blogger friends!!
    Dr Sonia

  9. First things first... Tutorial plssss! :p

    This is an AWESOME album and you did a fantastic job with this. I would never be able to make something that looks even a bit masculine! Love all the beautiful stamps and Silhouette cut words! :)

    As for following blogs and leaving comments, I have fallen FAR behind since I started posting my creations on FB! :(

  10. Hi tejal...

    When I think of checking out blogs yours is the first one I come too... absolutely love this creation for the intricate details and the colours ...

    Even I am trying my best to get back to blogging and yes... for sure comments on your blog always mean so much more than just getting likes...

    GOnna make an effort from my end too...

    Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial



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