Monday, November 3, 2014

Experiment of a different kind...

First of all, let me thank you for a the abundant wishes on my birthday!! I was totally overwhelmed at the number of messages that kept popping up on my Time line. Thank you so much for that.

A surprise cake at our dinner date!!

But after that day..I disappeared off Facebook. I wanted to stay away from it. And hence the delay in thanking all of you for my wishes and hugs and blessings you showered on me.

I've been restless since a while. At some point I thought it was depression, and then it dawned that I was restless because of Facebook. Strange as it may seem, even that might not be the correct reason. But I wanted to test the theory out. So on my birthday, I decided not to touch Facebook for 10 days. What Followed was amazing, as if the Universe had decided to honor my wish!

Festivals followed, and then my vacation. Second day into my vacation, my phone broke down. And so I was off Facebook, Whatsapp and everything social. Third day of my vacation, my watch stopped working. I had no clue of time, since hotels don't have a clock. I love that about a hotel... no need to watch the time.

View from my hotel room!! Sheer bliss!

And by day 5, I was so much at peace. I had so much time to ponder, reflect and decide how to change a few things around me.

I had been addicted to Facebook and recently all I found on it were the bitch wars, the bullying, the putting down of  people. Even though it is a means of social interaction, most of what I saw was bullying, mocking,  condescending tones in comments. A personal experience left me very very hurt and thus my decision to pull back from Facebook. I am going to give it not more time that I need to be there. Check for my favorite people and log the hell out.

The sharing part was almost non-existant. If someone queried a tutorial, despite them learning from someone else, they refused to share. And that made me mad and sad.  And these were people I thought I knew. Where crafting was a way to connect with other like minded people, now its a power game. It has become a way to make money...and there is no passion in it. A hobby without a passion is just a business. Each to her own. But that is not me. Will never be me.
Thankfully I still have some real awesome gem of people I call friends and who are more than happy to share their passion...and that is what I will love about them, honor that and cherish them for being who they are!

And this restlessness was also the reason I took a break from crafting, from my DT commitments.
It is strange that something like this can affect me so much. But it did and thankfully opened my eyes...and it made me dig deep into my soul...and probably showed me a new direction. I've just found the road, I still have to walk on it...but I will. Anything that brings me peace...I hate the restlessness.

I'm going back to good old days of blogging and checking blogs, rather than checking on Facebook and liking it and leaving no comment.

My biggest regret is that despite having 100+ wishes from friends who are crafters, I did not get a single card in the mail. But then that blame comes to me too...I haven't sent out any myself this year despite it being one thing I wanted to do. So lets see this year how I do....

Things will be different. That's for sure! but some will remain the same!

Like my love for doing reviews, and answering boat load of questions!!

So that's it for my Experiments of a different kind!! What do you think??


  1. BElated Birthday Wishes Once again Tejal!! You are a strong woman and no one deserves that you should stay depressed or stop smiling coz of any foolish act on their part. Life is like rediscovering yourself again and again. So keep going and keep rising. Loads of good wishes :)

    1. Thank you so much Shivani...I know this is just a bump in the road...and I love finding new things to do for my this was one of it!! Thanks again girl!

  2. no words, you have written enough.....just A BIG HUG dearest Tejal

  3. btw....I still have the card you sent me .......

  4. I agree with you Tee. Facebook has become nothing but a place to spread non-sense messages. From idiotic articles like 'this video will blow your mind' or 'watch this and it will best thing of your day' makes it a mad circle. In name of entertainment, there is a vicious circle of meddling with facts without knowing them properly.

    So, I am glad you did that. And, welcome back! :D Keep Craftign

  5. Awesome post, Tejal. Great to see you in the blogland. I'm glad that you've had a wonderful birthday and a memorable, relaxing vacation. I totally agree with your decision of 'disconnecting' socially a bit for knowing oneself better, to be able to shut off the 'noises' just to hear what your inner voice has to say. :) Somehow I feel too much of Facebook or Watsapp hampers my creativity. So, I think this kind of experiment will do good to me as well. All the best and keep rocking!

    1. I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one. Thank you so much for your words

  6. Ha Ha the good thing from this is you are back to blogging!! I think blogland is still a sweet place and so far FB has been ok for me-- but then I am hardly ever on it !! Whatsapp drove me crazy so I removed it from my phone! And as a family we always prefer holidays were there is no phone signal-- that is why many a times we go deep into jungles and its sheer bliss!!
    Better be seeing you around blogland Tejal...the number of people who craft for crafting sake is more than you think !!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Tejal! God bless you dear with all the peace and joy :) I am sure you had loads of fun. I am so glad that you could connect to yourself by disconnecting from the world.

    I can totally connect to you through this write up. I love to blog myself and feel so happy when people care enough to leave a comment or two on my blog post rather than hit a like on facebook. There is loads of negativity on Facebook and the only way I think to keep ourselves out it is to ignore and do our own things and help beginners where we can.I have seen you do this and i myself follow this . I am sure I am not a big hit among the crafting community.. because of my low profile and non-gossipy nature (lol!) but I am happy this way. I can atleast sleep peacefully.. which i can't if i have even a slightest argument with anyone ;).
    Waiting for more from you on blogger :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad to find a kindred soul...hoping to connect more with you.

  8. Very Well written post, Tejal :) Hope you had a fabulous day on 22nd Oct. Same kind of feel i used to have whenever am at India for 2 months vacation wherein no FB, No crafting,no social networking sites totally, just being with people of whom we love a lot..and enjoying the inner peace and beauty of nature around me.
    As always...We love all ur tutes, reviews and please do continue with your lovely creations...We love it a LOT :)

  9. Yes, Facebook is becoming more of a chore and less of a relaxation these days; Its good that you took a break from it. I used to wish for cards in the mail too and then I realised that after a couple of weeks of getting them, I put them away and never look at them again. Now my policy is to not want for anything on my bday

  10. What a well written post Tejal and so many points here echo with me ..FB has definitely become a lot more negative in recent times and I really can't understand why experienced crafter's sometime just refuse to share some basic information with newbies ..Things were so much different when I first started blogging I was really blessed to have come across so many bloggers who really helped me a lot with all my ordeals.I wish to see more of that now and I hope I never refuse to share any information to a fellow crafter ever!
    Looks like your holiday came at the right time:) and I hope your newfound peace brings you much more creative inspiration and ofcourse I am very Happy to see more of your blogpost too !! ..Btw love your reviews and really look forward to them .

  11. Hey Tejal! I do agree with you and I too recently experienced this during Diwali vacations when I was off fb n whatsapp for a while. I was so less stressful. The love between people has become non existant and they comment on your post only if you comment on theirs. Some don't even bother to do that also. As far as the blog/Craft world is considered, I guess it is in a natural progression. After you achieve a level, there is nothing wrong in taking it to next/commercial level. But yeah what is sad is the negativity and blindly following what others want you to follow, just because they want you to buy their stuff. Anyways, if you know where to draw a line, its gonna be okay.I have decided to do just that I.e. keep posting on my blog even if no one comments on my post. I do it for keeping a record of my work and will continue to do so.
    And I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the genuine advice you gave me and answering my silly queries. Love & Hugs!!

  12. Hi tejal .....very good post.Belated happy birthday dear!!!I was also not regular on FB frm long time.All what you said about FB was correct in some manner , but my views about FB are good till this time , actually i kept my notication off from nuisance spreading fb-firends , yaa i will say fb-friends becoz they r friends but only on fb.This experience of not sharing knowledge about any thing is faced by me too ,but besides that i have too many fb and gud blogger friend ,who helped me whenever i needed, and some who avoided ...but i have love for FB becoz i came attached to craft world via FB and then i got knowledge about blogging and , a gud fb friend helped me to help in making of my blog ...she is still in list of gud friends of mine . I know you are very cheerfull and helpfull friend i found , you had definately overcomed, and living happy life with all family and friends.

  13. Very happy happy birthday teju dear. it always make me feel happy when i read about your post in your blog. i totally agree with you. these social network really take our time. your reviews really helped beginner like me in purchasing craft goodies.Continue your good work in blog land. we look forward to it

  14. Hi Tejal, just read your mail - glad you enjoyed birthday and holiday! ;-0) x

    Although I don't post these days, and only follow blogs, I have no time at all for the so called social sites which initially were great but have sorta turned into nasty places to be mainly because of people!

    On reflection these sites have only deterriorated into what they have become because people tend to reply to abusive comments/messages, if these messages had no responses then they would just wither and die.

    Well done on making a wise decision to "move on" and be yourself.

    My experience over many years has always been positive re the crafting world, most genuine crafters are just that....'genuine', and willing to both share and help.

    Happy crafting/blogging - hugs...Denise (UK) x

  15. So u are a fellow libran ! I should have known. Happy Birthday..although late I still wish you the best in life , crafting and other future ventures. I loved reading your post. After reading it I am certainly happy about two things. With this post you have strengthened my resolve to not be a social networking addict and restored my faith in my decision of sticking to the blog. Second, you have made me happy by posting something on your blog anyway. The gaps between yours posts had widened and I am sure loyal followers did not like it. Anyway can I just applaud you for mentioning that people actually shy away from sharing their knowledge and I find it rather disconcerting and we based our entire educational culture on spreading knowledge so that it enhances ours in return and stimulates our mind, keeping it creative. I embrace sharing with open arms.
    Well after much prodding from Priya Sondhi (God bless her) I reluctantly joined Facebook but fierce me I made a separate account for my crafty indulgence and within a month I lost track and interest both. I don't know more than half of the 'friends', my timeline glares at me and confuses me and the updates from random people and businesses is just a nail in the coffin. I have been contemplating permanent closure of my account as well as the unholy page I created. Its does not even fit a category. Its not a 'home business' or a 'nightclub'! Oh well ..I will close the account when I get time. If I do close my account then I would say your post would be instrumental in my decision and it would be my deal breaker with FB. I have stuck with my blog for the want for a human touch and I would say that is all I seek, the humanity. You do too.

  16. Well written......{{HUGS}}
    - Prajakta Kolte


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