Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MDF Word Album

Long break later I'm back for a quick project share! Vacation and hot humid weather make for a no mojo day, but I did manage to complete this one quick MDF word album.

This is 14x6 size DAD album. I kept it  pretty simple...Covering it with flowers and that too for a male album, is something my hands shudder at doing!

So here are the pics!!
Most of the quotes in the album were given to me by the client.

 A fun little waterfall page for an interactive element, in an otherwise flat album!

 How I love the little girl from Mama Elephant!! This is my favorite quote by far!

 Butterflies have to find their way in!! by hook or by crook!! :D

Another interactive element on the last page. Two pockets, one horizontal and one vertical...And both are separate pockets.
If you need to know any supplies, leave me a comment and I shall update the supplies!! As of now, I'm too lazy!! 

And now for some BIG BIG NEWS!!
My Facebook page is close to reaching 10,000 likes and My YouTube Channel needs 2 more subscribers to reach 100!!! Woo-Hoooo!!!

So I'm going to be giving away something to everyone!! Yes!! Everyone!! Keep a watch out on my blog in the next few days. And feel free to post your best guess as to what would be the give-away!!!

Till then 
Much Love,


  1. Nice album and congratulations ....

  2. That a beautiful album to be gifted teju.. Many congratulation to you on reaching 10K likes, you well deserve it

  3. Simple yet beautiful album Tejal.... Congratulations for the success and All the very best for all your future projects as well :) Waiting for the giveaway ;)

  4. Beautiful album Tejal !! love the interactive elements, esp the waterfall !! you even matted the quotes ?? each individual word cut and matted separately and so neatly ?? Congratulations on the 10 K and a century on you tube !!

  5. Woohoo!! Many congratulations Tejal!
    And I Love the album :)

  6. Wow... nice... congrats in advance.... may it be 10k soon.... whtever be d will be worth d wait n whoever wins it will b proud owner for sure..... smthng handmade would be great :)

  7. How beautiful it looks and a big congrats...10,000 likes...woo amazing! Off to follow you on you tube though I confess I dont watch you tube much
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  8. Prettyyyy! This was a quick album? Still got the WOW factor! :*
    Congratulationsss on the subscribers and the likes!
    P.S. Heading over to your YouTube channel to follow. You'll have 100 subscribers in no time ;)


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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