Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stamp Storage and Labelling

Gm Everyone!!

So by special request, this post is moved from Monday to Sunday. Since hubs is away for the day, I was able to sit and type it out!

So after my ink swatch book, I took on my stamps in the organization mode. I had been running out of space to keep them in my files. Files were getting bulky and cumber some.

Pic Source - Jennifer Mcguire.
This was an older Jen Mcguire method. It worked for a while and then I ran out of space. 
They could only expand so much and I had no more room for files.
So I decided to go the newer Jennifer Mcguire way. You can see her  original video here

Now I could find the exact same things here, but they cost a bomb. And I'm all for alternatives. I would not pay 600 bucks for 25 plastic sleeves, when I can find an alternative that gives me 100 bags for 100 bucks!

I kept searching for an option for Avery Elle storage sleeves. I did think of using plain plastic sleeves, cutting the top and making flaps. But I was not convinced the flaps would stay closed. And one of my blog buddies just convinced on that part. She needs to use a glue dot or a velcro sticker to keep the flaps closed. They don't seem to stay tucked in.

So my option was the ziploc bags. The size you need to look for is 6x9 size. Look for a good thickness. It will fit a stamp set easily and will fit into the storage box easily. It even fits the long MFT stamp sets. It won't fit the 8x8 stamp sets from fiskars or Altenew layering stamp sets. For that, I have to go and check other bag sizes. It's still a work in progress.

Then comes the labelling part. I was not going to spend 4k on a label maker and another 2k on its refill tape. I cannot simply justify that cost. Plus with my own label sheets, I can use whatever font I want!! :D

 I already had some A4 size label sheet. It was just one whole sticker sheet in A4 size. So how to go about creating those perfect looking labels that you saw on my post! Or you could buy the sheet that has 84 labels precut on it. But it comes in a pack of 100. Maybe you could divide with a friend??? I'm linking all the products I've used below. 

Go to this website, Tech Nova Imaging .Go to this page. On the right top side is a download button. Click on that and download the template. Open that template in Microsoft Word.

Something like this will open up in your MS word screen. Start typing the names in the template. And put your sticker sheet either the precut 84 or A4 sticker sheet and print.

NOTE - If you are using the A4 sticker sheet, type two lines less than what is on the template. This is because, the A4 sheet is smaller than the 84 sticker sheet.  
Hope fully this should work on the 84 sticker sheet. I will be getting one soon and trying it myself. But it works perfectly on the A4 sticker sheet.

If you are using the A4 sticker sheet, you will have to cut the labels with your trimmer. That is a 5 minute work. Which is what I did. And stick.

Finally the dividers. Ran to my stationary shop and bought some cheapo Solo files and cut them up. There were some plastic pockets inside which I ripped out. You should have seen my husband's face. "You brought them up to cut them up??What is wrong with you!!"
Sigh!! Who will explain to these men how far our obsession will take us??

And finally my storage box. It fits 50-60 stamp sets easily. I have a few rubber background and other cling stamps to do. Which should be this week.

Sorry for the weird lighting on the photographs. Its a dark hazy day today.

So I really hope it helps those who are planning to organize. Trust me, if you see it , you use it. 

Product links (Affiliate links used, helps me earn a little extra something so I can do better research)

Lock&Lock Fashion Basket, Gray (HP265)
Solo CC- 101 Conference Companion (With Pen and Pad) A4 - Blue
NOVAJET 1 Label (Per A 4 Size Sheet) Multi Purpose Self Adhesive Labels (100 Sheets)
NOVAJET 84 Labels (Per A4 Size Sheet) Multi Purpose Self Adhesive Labels (100 Sheets)
 Plain SOLO CC-101 Files (set of 3)


  1. Super. Time for me to do the same.

  2. YES YES I am planning to organize my stamps. I have done 25% already. As I write, my carpenter is building a new cupboard and all my stamps will go in there including other awesome crap I have :D Thank you for this!!

  3. This post is on right time...Its high time here to organise else i cant put another indent for next month birthday ;)

    Thanks so much for lovely infos and links, Tejal :)

  4. lovely post Tejal !! thank you for the links !!

  5. Perfect timing Tejal, planning to reorganize my entire craft closet now that I am shifting everything to my rental house from my Moms place. Just going through your post after I went through Jeniffer's youtube video. I was sure that you would have some better and cheaper solutions available for me instead of me racking my brains ;)
    Planning to reorganize paper as well, I found good storage baskets for 6 by 6 and A4 planning to use magazine racks as Jennifer did, but still trying to figure out how to store 12 by 12. If you have a system that works for you let me know.

  6. That's nice!!! You are a perfect Jugadu ;) always find cheap and best solution for a need! thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi, I am using this same system for my unmounted and clear stamps. I like the bags from, but I was wondering where you found yours? I haven't found any 6x9 ziplocs locally. Maybe I"m missing something? I'm in TX. Thanks!


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