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Unboxing and First Impression of the Dream Cut Machine andddd a Surprise!

Sooo, Hello again

And lets get started, because it is going to be an insanely long post to read and watch!! Hehe Yes..I have got two videos lined up for you today! and some surprises in the end!

So Rashmi Harish, owner of Itsy Bitsy calls me up and asks, Have you seen our latest release? Would you like to try out one for a review.. I have to admit, I had no idea what she was talking about.
Because, during the release, I was abroad on vacation and kept off social media (well, almost did)
When I found out, she was talking about a die cut machine...I was like WHATTT?? Hell yeah! 😍 well not those words, but I was immediately on board to check out the new Dream Cut machine.

It arrived in 3 days, and they generously sent me loads of materials that the machine could cut, so I could try out everything. So I was very excited to check it out and I did an unboxing video. I show everything that comes in the machine, as well as how to assemble it.  You can also watch it on my Youtube Channel in HD here

Then I went to town experimenting and playing with it.
In the descrption box on Youtube, I have listed the time stops, if you want to just watch a particular aspect of the just die cutting or just embossing etc..Do check the description box on the following video on Youtube here

ETA: I ended up cutting the acetate, felt, fabric, and canvas with my Bigz dies, and they cut flawlessly! So you can rest assured, these all these materials can be cut with the Dream Cut and the Bigz dies.

Also let me show you how Dream Cut compares in size to my current die machine, the Cuttlebug. Isn't it cute and compact? I will totally enjoy its addition to my craft room!

Now a little bit of technical specifications

Body is made up of high impact Polymer with smooth edges for easy handling.
1.       The platform & the frame is made of high quality, non – corrosive Alloy.
2.       The cog wheels ( gears ) are made of high speed steel for durability & rough use.
3.       The gear tips are smoothened to give excellent user experience.
4.       The Roller diameter is larger than many other standard machines to increase the point of contact with the cutting die which enables to get a superior cut quality.

5.       Roller mounts are designed to give a bit of cushion which helps in proper pressure distribution on the cutting die.
6.       High precision in the Casting and Assembly of this unit will last a long time compared to other machines.
7.       The cutting plates are made of moulded Acrylic which has self-healing properties compared to Acrylic sheets which are used in other machines.
8.       The Bevelled edges of the cutting plates is a great feature which puts slow pressure on the Rollers and really gives you a Dream Cut experience!
9.   Spare parts  and support from Itsy Bitsy will be made available.

Thank you Team Itsy Bitsy for this amazing machine and an opportunity to review it. I would definitely recommend it to all crafters especially Beginners who want to jump into this awesome hobby of cardmaking and scrapbooking! 

The Dream Cut is available online (remember it comes with free shipping) and can be purchased Here or visit your nearest store.

 So if you have made it this far, THANK YOU!! Now the 2nd most exciting part of the post!

My Facebook page crossed 10K likes a few months ago, and I had been looking for a perfect giveaway. So this will be the first of a series of giveaways. I plan to have random, unscheduled and out of the blue giveaways in the next 6 months 😃

So If you watched the Video , you know what is up for grabs..So I will not mention it here!! (Insert Evil have to watch the video for it! )

AND then Rashmi  (Sorry but I am pretty informal!) bowls me over with her generosity AGAIN.
 Itsy Bitsy is sponsoring this Giveaway!! I am humbled by your generosity, Thank you!💓💗

To be eligible you just need to do a few steps.

1. Leave a comment under this post letting me know if you enjoyed the review, and what next would you like me to review.
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I will pick two names...on 30th JUNE 2017.


  1. Hi Tejal...very informational post. Did clear a few of my doubts related to a diecutting machine. Thank you for sharing the little tips and tricks and for a fab review. Surely..Dream cuts sounds tempting. Congrats on 10K likes on you Fb page.May you reach bigger heights of success.

  2. I really really loved your review mam... From the day itsy bitsy has announced this machine I was so excited to know all about it.. Like woring up to what material it would cut and of course prices which are quite in to my budget.. And your 1 video made all much doubt clear.. Am sure dream cutting is gonna take place in my room. Thank you so much mam. It was a great help....

  3. I think it is perfect machine, saw the the machine and if it would be the size of big shot plus it would be handsome. My big shot regular is now 8years old. so definitely looking for replacement. And itsy-bitsy is the first craft shop where i shopped my first craft item. Its my all time favourite.

  4. I have been waiting for a review since the past few weeks. So happy that you did it. Congratulations on the 10k likes....wish you many more.

    Done all.

  5. Congratulations! Thank you for the Awesome Review . Done all giveaway rulles.

  6. A great in depth detailed and technical review... I love it. Congratulations on 10k likes. Followed all steps. Thnkoo di for the chance to win this great giveaway by u. Thnks to rashmi ji for her generosity.

  7. First of all Congratulations Tejal on 10K likes! Love the detailed video with all clear steps showing so beautifully with all craft materials! Awesome job done! It prove its name Dream Cut!!!
    All steps done! Thanks for the opportunity to win and Thanks for sponsoring Itsy Bitsy!

  8. Such an informative review and videos... You made it really easy for we crafters to know about the whole thing. Will want to have it soon in my crafting room.Thank you so much.Hearty congratulations for crossing 10000 likes of Creative Expressions.

    Done with all giveaway rules!!

    Happy crafting :)

  9. Hi ma'am ,
    When I saw itsy bitsy post for the die cut machine I was so excited and wondering how to use it. Moment I saw your video unboxing of the diecut machine I am truly into the thinking when I can buy it. It was so clear and useful. Thank you so much for the wonderful video. Congratulations on 10k likes !!!!

  10. Wow first of all many congratulations mam for 10,000 likes, what a information post all my douts r clear now Thank u so much for this review post I am thinking now why it's launched so late by itsy bitsy,u explained each n everything very beautifully,I would like to know about many trimmer available in market so would like to know about them in ur next review
    N in the end thank u itsy bitsy for sponsoring this giveaway n all steps done

  11. Congrats on 10k followers!
    very much informative blog and video..
    thanks for the giveaway!
    best wishes

  12. Hi TJ. Awesome post with all the information and details about the Dream Cut explained perfectly. And ya congratulations on you 10k likes girl...... U rock as always. Lots of love and best wishes to you 😘😘

  13. Hi...ur video is very educational n up to the mark...every one can understand it

  14. Thanks for the amazing surely helps the newbies to understand the die cutting..and congratulations for the 10k likes..and I was really lucky to try the dream cut on its lunch, it's an awsome product..and so wonderful of itsy bitsy to be sponsoring the wishes☺

  15. Firstly congrats for 10 k likes. Its really praiseworthy to have so many likers/followers.

    Thanks a lot for the amazing review about the Dream Cut. U explained each n everything beautifully.

    Thanks to itsybitsy for sponsoring the giveaway.

    Done all steps..

  16. Congratulatuons on 10k likes and this gives opportunity to see some amazing work by you on your fb page and you tube challange.
    Wow...This is too detailed and probably includes all details what a beginner would like to know about die cut machine.

    Thanks again and I was not the lucky one to be picked during Dream cut launch for give away but fingers crossed...Hope I would be the lucky one this time.

  17. Hi Tejal, hope you are doing well.
    I was at the launch party of the Dream Cut & was one of the lucky girls to receive the machine through lucky draw. Seeing your unboxing video I was as excided wen I did my uninboxing :) mine had a beautiful gift 🎀 ribbon too ;)
    Since I'm learning and exploring the many ways to use this machine efficiently, thank u for the video it helped me even more.
    I would like to know about timmer for a cleaner cut to my paper for cards, Journalling, layering , mix media.
    Last but not the least many congratulations on ur success and reaching a mile Stone for likes 😊🦋

  18. Hi... First of all congrats for ur page success and reaching to that extent.. Hope for much more... I am highly impressed by your review and will sure make my mind to get this awesome product by itsy bitsy!!

  19. Congratulations ma'am for 10k likes. Thank you so much for this informative video

  20. Congratulations ma'am for 10k likes. Thank you so much for this informative video..In your next review i want u to give some info about various markers available in the market. Keep rocking like this.

  21. Hi Tejal,All information gave so properly so new comers can easily understand.And congrats for ur milestone!! I love to watching ur all videos its so informative,Thanks for that :)

  22. Congratulations....for 10K likes,.. Loved loved the video. Very informative and would love to see more detailed videos for different types of dies.

  23. Congratulations for 10k likes ,dream cut is a awesome product i got chance to try my hand at dream party ....well explained video....

  24. Loved the detailed review. Dream Cut for sure looks an amazing die cutting/embossing machine.
    Congratulations for reaching the 10k milestone and best wishes!
    So generous of Itsy bitsy to sponsor the giveaway.Thanks for a chance to win! ❤

  25. Congratulations for 10k likes and wishing u many more to come.... Very nice video cleared all my doubts,Dreaming to win this Dream Machine... Fingers crossed☺️��
    Happy Crafting..
    Vijaya jaju

  26. Congratulations for 10k likes of the page and many more to come..thanks for clearing all the doubts that I had in my mind... Dreaming to win this Dream Machine... 😉☺️😘
    Happy Crafting

  27. Loved to watch the review...Each n every minute detail was covered n literally shown in d video....the best thing about the video was it even showed those materials which it could not cut thoroughly.Just loved watching the video...Thanks for giving the detailed review

  28. Such an amazing in depth review on the Dream Cut machine! Thank you Tejal, loved it!
    You seem to have clarified all the doubts that anybody had about the machine! Congratulations on the 10k milestone! Wishing you many more along the way! :)

  29. I was always wondering what this dream cut machine is about. Thank you for he detailed tutorials :)

  30. I was always wondering what the dream cut machine is all about. Thank you for the detailed tutorial :)

  31. Firstly congratulations for huge success wish many more in coming years..
    Loved your detailing about the dream cut machine.. had many doubts regarding dies and machine before, but u cleared all in this video
    Thank you :)

  32. Thank you so much for this review... I was wondering for this machine when i saw it on itsy bitsy's fb page... you cleared all the doubts and make many crafty faces to smile same as mine :) to buy diecutting and embossing machine as a begginer in this creative world is always been a big question for me... Thanks again and heartly congratulations for 10k likes... yes, its so huge number:)

  33. Thanks for a great review. It seems it cuts any material so beautifully and neatly without much pressure om the hands. Sometimes Manual machine become tiring but this one is a must buy now. Congratulations on crossing a milestone of 10K. Wishing you success leaps and bounds. Done all except this one for the same reason... Share this post (optional.. I hate cluttering other people's time lines)

  34. Awesome review Tejal! :) Heartiest congratulations on your page crossing 10,000 likes!
    I had been wanting to see a detailed video review on the Dream Cut ever since I saw it on the Itsy Bitsy page! Thanks so much!
    I'd love to see a comparison of coloring mediums. Markers v. Watercolor pencils v. Microtip pens. I know they are all different but I'd love to know the results from a budget conscious point of view.

  35. First of all congratulations on reaching 10k likes on fb..wishing you many more likes and success ahead..And thanks for sharing the awesome review..I still have to get one die cutting and embossing machine..And your review of dream cut has made it really tempting..Kindly review paper cutting machines too..And also thanks for the amazing giveaway..

  36. That was a very crisp and informative video/post Tejal. Happy to see that it was an unbiased review. The pros and cons of the machine are clearly stated... And complete clarity of what one gets after buying it...
    BTW Congratulations for the 10K Likes 👍

  37. Hugs ! U chose the perfect die ! Hugs tO u and hearty congratulations ! 10 k is huge ! Amd a perfect explained review . Do show how to use the Embosing feature ! Also Itsybitsy always has something to surprise its clients ! All steps done! Thanks for the opportunity to win and

  38. You are one of the most knowledgeable person I have been in touch. You know about everything so when this came up(the timing was perfect as I was confused between Big shot & dream cut) I can easily trust you and I thoroughly enjoyed the video.. Very very informative. Thanks for the review. :)
    Added advantage is the Giveaway.. :D Done all the steps - hope to win :D

  39. Congrats on 10k likes..

    Thanks for the detailed review! it was very informative..


  40. Congrats Tejal 10k likes...As always review was explained very well...Pls do share some tips and tricks in organising craft supplies...

  41. First of all congratulations Tejal on the 10k likes. Celebration time!
    Secondly thank you so much for the indepth review of the dream cut. Was waiting to know more about the machine and you did complete justice to it.
    Would love it if you could do a comparison of different coloring mediums.
    Priyanka K

  42. Excellent video! For a person like who does not own any die cutting machine and has a very limited knowledge on die cutting process, this video is very apt! Gives you a complete insight of the process. Thanks Tejal, as always very informative and detailed video

  43. Hello Tejal !!!

    Many congratulations for the 10K likes !!! Wishing you many more achievements in near future!!!

    As far as the video and review about the Dream cut machine, you have really explained it very well. You have taken in consideration almost all the cutting materials. I liked the way you have also mentioned about the cons of it (the canvases and fabric). And ya, you really don't talk much, that is necessary to explain things clearly , I enjoy watching your videos 🙂.

    Thank you for the review and a giveaway 🙂

  44. HI Tejal, congratulations fr 10k likes n wish u get more. Loved ur video in dream cut.It explains every big n small aspect of die cutting. Very informative n to the point. Would love to see more such videos on new products. Thanks for the giveaway.


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