Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Craftreat Guest DT post | Double waterfall Folio

Hello Everyone,

Join me for a post for the Craftreat blog! You can find this post on the Craftreat blog as well.
I am showcasing two paper packs and 2 projects made with those paper packs.

So before we get started, let me say that I am absolutely in love with the papers and I wanted to show you how amazing they are. So along with a project video, I also have a video showing all the papers..

So lets get started.
This is the walk through of the two paper packs. They are Love Birds and Owl Always Love You.

And now to the projects.

I have one Quick Photo Folio which can be done in under an hour. This folio can be done straight with Pattern paper and not even using cardstock. But I am a fanatic for black borders, and so I used cardstock as the base and then matted the pattern paper.
4 sheets of cardstock, 4 sheets of Pattern paper, glue and one ribbon and you are done!

 A peek inside as to how the pages look. Each page is a pocket page and can hold anywhere from one to 4 photographs and journaling cards.This is a tutorial from Amber..LyricLover810  on youtube (..https://youtu.be/Jo6nX6cG1DY )

Now to the bigger project, Double Waterfall Photo Folio.

This was a labor of love but again a quick project. 2 days max is what you need on this!
I loved that this folio allows for vertical as well as horizontal photos. And then I went and made it complicated by adding more photo inserts....it was fun to do that!!
But the hero of the project is definitely the paper, and the cut-aparts! They are fantastic ..and of course, THE OWLS!!

 Here is a peek at the inside of the Double Waterfall photo folio. Did I not tell you the papers are fantastic!

Without any further ado, here's the walk through the next project.
This project is made with a tutorial from Frances Long, well at least when her tutorials were free.

Sorry about the silent walk-through. I havd a bad bad cold and my voice would have scared you all! So silent video it is for today!!

I do hope you enjoyed these two projects.

Happy Crafting!

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