Friday, September 17, 2010

Cut-n-tuc templates/Coluzzle

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This is just a post to show my cut-n-tuc templates, what is called the coluzzle in the USA (they have been discontinued in the USA). I've got a lot of queries as to what it is or how I use it. But I can show great photos, so this is what it looks like. Its pretty easy to use once you get it in your hand. There are a load of videos on youtube if you want to see how it works.

1. The foam mat is what I had with me, from my Parchment kit. What you can use is those packing materials sheet, usually white in color, similar to Styrofoam. You stack your foam mat, then your paper and then the template and then cut.
Tip - Do not use your cutting mat as a foam mat, you will not get perfect cuts. It needs the foam mat to push the knife into the grooves.

The foam mat on left is from Shilpi, and one of right is the one from my parchment kit.

2. Now my multi-colored template. Its a tip I learnt form SCS (splitcoast stampers) It makes sense to color every groove else you start at cirlce one on right and circle two on left. Trust me, I've done makes it easier for you to remember which circle you were cutting or need to cut!! I used my Sharpies since sketch pens won't work. Fear not you can use those OHP permanent markers to line them too!

These are the other two templates that I have. The oval still has to be used..hence not colored. I do have more fancy templates too, but these are ones I use the most..

3. The rotating knife/swivel knife- pricey but a must. I've tried other blades but the grooves are too thin and a straight blade, while helping you to cut may scratch the grooves of the template. Smita reminded me to add this bit, you get refill blades for this knife. Since it gets wedged between the two groves, there is a good chance you will break it. (I'm on blade number 3 right now). Most importantly, direction of the blade in the groove is very important. Keep the sharp edge of the blade in the direction in which you are cutting. Should minimize the breakage of the blade.

If there are any more questions, bring it on. I'd love to help you as much as I can.
And no they aren't paying me for this. I wish they would!

All of these can be found at your nearest Shilpi store and if there isn't any near you, they are more than happy to send it to you at your home address. Here is their email ( Their website is down as of now.


  1. I broke my knife blade and can't find time to go and get another knife :-(

    Thank you so much for the tips. I have been having a hard time with my templates ;-)


  2. Wow.. you come up with such great informative stuff Tejal..I didn't even know these existed..thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. One more thing.. Its not required to maintain the blade orientation while you cut if you r using a swivel knife. It aligns itself to the grove & is easier & faster to cut that ways.

    I just keep the knife straight & move it.

  4. Have had a coluzzle for years and I swear by it. Once you get the hang of the blade then the cutting is a piece of cake. A light touch also helps. Holding the swivel blade too tight makes it a tad tough to turn around the corners and cut.

  5. Thanks for all the informative stuff Tejal!! You rock!!

  6. Now that was in time cos, I,m trying my hand with this and have broken 2 blades.I have squares and hearts and will be posting cut n tuc envelopes with punch craft on my blog.

  7. this is great info gna hunt for these templates soon...

  8. very informative tejal.. will get get one soon :)

  9. hey TEJAL,im new in crafting and dont know much about products.Is the coluzzle and rotating knife available in INDIA and where???

  10. Hey -where can i get these? the template, the pad and the knife. I stay in Mumbai.


  11. hey tejal, i m looking for the rotating knife and the pad. whr can i get these? i stay in bangalore.



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