Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrapbook mini

This is my second post for the day...scroll down for my first post! 

You've all heard me whining for so long that I'm trying to finish my mini..its finally this point I don't have much to say...(but you know I still will say something) Mind you, these are only some of the pics...

The front, still going to be embellished
Pages 1 and 2, the page on the right is a pocket with a tag.

This is the mini tag.

the tiny pink flower peeking, is a mini tag too..
So these are just some of the to know what you think of them. I hope my friend likes it. Though she is more interested in her baby's album which btw has not even seen the light of the day..and she arrives on 23 of this month!! Is it any wonder that I've got headaches most of the week!!!

And then there are some peeps that I want to hug, literally if I could and since i can't, {{{A virtual Hug}}} Jaya and Ujjwal, love you girls..Thanks for sending me such amazing blog candy...wanna see what Ujjwal sent me?

It is like paradise for me. All that glitter, punches, flock, stickers, paints, handmade embellishments! Thrilled beyond words girl..Thank you so much!!

And this is what Jaya sent me..(yup peeps I can smell the smoke) I'm a lucky girl what can I say!!
(This photo is from Jaya's blog)
Thank you girls so much!!


  1. Simple, beautifully made and rings make it look neat:)Congrats for the candy

  2. the 'mini' scrapbook hs turned out very impressive... is dat chipboard? love all the li'll detailing and tags... cant wait to see more!!!

  3. super cute scrapbook!.. congrats on finally completing it! :)
    yummy candy! :)

  4. Hello there Tejal,
    Wow what a beautiful book, love the pages.
    Lucky old you more candy, have fun:0) xx

  5. wow,beautiful,lovely use of pattern papers,n congrats on the candy:)

  6. Ah-ha so there it is.....lotsa beautiful papers and you've put them together so well. Is it going to be tough to give this baby away? If yes, then keep it for yourself, we wont tell.....You can always make another one for your friend. The first mini is always special. Nice work, Tejal.

  7. Fantabulous album, Tejal.!!! Love every page. Good work, girl.

    And super nice candy ;-)


  8. Love the binding a lot!Papers are fun!All in all a great album!

  9. awesome album Tejal,looks like a lot a work..lots n lots of details everywhere,love the color combo on each n every page...

    PS:u're one lucky gal for winning so much candy!

  10. Awesome work!! Love the mini book!

  11. Brilliant Album Tejal!! I can't even think of starting such a huge project :D

    Looking forward to see the baby album :)

    P.S. Thanks for posting the candy. I am glad you liked it!!

  12. i have made a scrapbook kinda thingy too... havnt gotten a chance to take pics yet. Soon soon!
    this looks amazing, loving the tags... :)
    congrats on all the gifts Tejal! have fun with them!!!

  13. Beautiful as always :) Loooks professional and very classy, It will look awesome after the pics are put in...lots of space and nice soothing colours :) I am waiting for ur baby album....finish it sooon ! :)

  14. Lovely project dear.
    Congrats for the candy.
    Thanku for ur sweet comment on my blog.


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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