Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A million thank you's...

are not enough...for everyone's wishes on my birthday...and the cards and surprises that poured in..
I had a fabulous day! Thanks so much everyone...

This little magic box just surprised me..so awesome Spardha..Thanks girlie..

And when you open this little box, out popped butterflies...this girl surely is having fun with the Silhouette.

 And this gorgeous mini-card..super super girl..

 Everyone seems to catch my love of butterflies..thanks so much...look at this gorgeous quilled butterfly by Manasa..must have taken her weeks to do this..{{{{hugs to you girl}}}

Love the background stamping, the little dots of glitter glue..

And this beauty came to my house from Shalini...Love the loopy border and that canvas (yup, the image is on canvas) those super hat pins..Thanks girl..you made my day!

Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart...


  1. lucky you...recieved a wonderful treasure...ne ways wish you a very happy birthday...

  2. Wow such wonderful gifts you've received!I dunno how I missed out on wishing you...but better late than never..belated Birthday Wishes Tejal!

  3. Wish u happy birthday :) wonderful gift and cards lucky u :)

  4. Somehow I missed wishing you on your birthday girl!! Have been a little stuck up with work and things!!

    Hope you had a great day!!Belated Happy Birthday!!

  5. OMG!! such lovely cards... each of them. Gorgeous. Sure they did make your day :-)


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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