Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scrapbook Mini's!!

I've been MIA for 3 weeks..and its not a good thing...felt so lost being away from my blog. I'll show you what kept me busy!!I had to do two albums, one for a baby and one for a friend. I loved the whole process and someone said it recently to me, making them is addictive. I finished making them and now I have nothing to do...I feel strangely vacant. Making cards...well got some birthday cards to make so you'll see them shortly!

Here's the cover of the Friendship Scrapbook mini..for more pics of the album pages, go to this page

And this is the second album,

 The center is left empty for the baby's pic.  There is an acetate sheet covering the front and back pages.
The alphabets are die-cuts so generously sent by Juhi..(love you girl!) Even though its a boy album, the alphas are glittered with pink glitter and glossed over! They look fab...

Here are some pages of the book....I won't be putting up the pages that took me the maximum work. Simple reason, I've had people copy my work without crediting me. And I don't like that. I will credit people who inspire me and I would love to thank Laura for her beautiful videos. She can make scrapbook albums like no one in this world can! She's truly an inspiration! Check out her videos.. her albums...way out of this world!!

The first page, for the pregnancy photos, ultrasound pics.

This page has the birth details and first photo of the baby!

There are two pages for each month of the baby's first year and this is the last page, for the first birthday.
There are tags as the mother wanted to attach keepsakes to them. So there you go, this is what has kept me so busy...should be back with more cards soon!

I'm so dying to buy some new toys/supplies for my birthday..but can't decide on what to pick. Stamps, distress inks, punches, twinkling h2o's, prisma pencils!! What is not on my wish list are Copics..i can do without them. I can do without all the stamps in the world, but some like hero arts..yup..those I love..
Its a bit tough to figure out what you need versus what you want.

Would love your feedback on this album!


  1. Wow!Both the albums are crazily beautiful!So yummy !!Great great job!!such perfection in your work Tejal!!!

  2. Fantastic work, Tejal!! And I hope people learn from their crimes and mention the credits next time on :-)

  3. By seeing these pics I dont think anyone can say that this is your first album....!!! each page is beautiful than the other :) Awaiting more such gorgeous stuff...!!! Yes, I really do hope that people learn from their crimes :)

  4. beautiful work Tejal... had been wondering what u'hve been upto of late... now i knw ;) lovely detailing... love the lettering on the first album a lot... luks beautiful...

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous album! Love all the bright colours! :)

    There are a lot of people out there who steal other people's ideas and pass them off as their own...:(

  6. welcome back!.. so happy to finally read a post by you!.. AWESOME scrapbooks!.. both of those are soo fun!..
    And a very happy craft shopping!.. my advice, make a list.. a loong one.. and add up another reason to buy stuff.. THE FESTIVE SEASON! ;)

  7. Hi Tejal oh! yes a really beautiful album and such a wonderful gift, it will be cherished for many years:)
    I was sorry to hear that your work had been copied, it recently happened to me so I understand how you feel, I posted about it on my blog;
    I was left feeling very sad. I hope you don't feel too bad:)
    Integrity is not natural to some people and they have to learn manners! I have protected my blog with a copyright feature and am working on the watermark for my photos. I see you have this already:0)
    Have fun with all your lovely projects :0) xx

  8. Wow, Tejal, these pages are absolutely splendid! I wish I could create albums like that. I love all the little details including all those ribbons (which the baby will love, too) and especially the tags! I agree with mustavcoffee. I've been hearing way too much about work being copied/ideas being stolen without credit. It's really awful to know there are people out there like that! Even though I'd love to see them, I'm glad you're protecting yourself by keeping the most wonderful layouts private. :)

  9. The album is just fabulous, Tejal. A wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Lots of detailing and no wonder it kept you busy and away from your blog for a while.
    So sorry about your negative experience. I suppose when everything is so open on the www it does happen, still it is inexcusable.

  10. Glad to have you back girl...and that too with a bang :D

    The albums are fantastic. I wish I had the guts to try making them!! Lets hope one day with all this inspiration i will give it a try :)

  11. WOW..Stunning albums. Loved them both. You have done an excellent job.

  12. I struggle to decide which things to buy as well! the albums are divine!


Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work!

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