Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog candy!

As I'd mentioned in one of my previous posts, I'm celebrating my Return to Blogging Anniversary this month. Who knew in this one year, I'd find so many Indian crafters, make unbelievable friends, forge really strong bongs of friendship, jump into making scrapbook albums and become the co-administrator for Indian Craft Room!! What a year...
So I'd promised a Bling bling candy!

Here's a pic of the "Blind you with my Bling candy"

So I've got some glitter, then more glitter, some glitter glue, glitter papers, cute printed tapes, some alpha stickers and some butterflies...will add some rhinestones too!!


  1. yum candy! count me in :) way too much bling i say ;)

  2. Me too :)

    1) Following the ICR page
    2) Taken part in the challenge
    3) commented on the shopping blog :)


  3. dang it! how did i miss this. i'll put this up on feline for you.

  4. okay so i read the ending date. wow i am slow.


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