Friday, April 29, 2011

Couple of Awards and RAK's.

I'm very very grateful to have gotten these few awards the past week...and some that I've gotten long back, but never got around to posting..thanks so much all of you..I had a couple of RAK's to post too..never got around to that too!!

This one is from Bhavna. Thank you so much.
Passing this on to E.T, Asha, Priya Venkat, Shobhana and Kavitha.

The next one came from Aditya (the sole male crafter in our midst!! ) but surgical skills on the paper like none I've ever seen.
I've passed this award the last time, so I'm gonna skip this time..

And this one comes from Mustavecoffee at Crafty Musings! A wonderful blog and a lady with a quirky sense of humor.
Passing this award to Shalini, Ujjwal, Snehal, Anita and Spardha.

I have to pass these on to other people and list few things about myself..what can I tell you that you don't know!
Just a few things..
  • I am a terrible control freak. I get mad when things go out of my control..and I ain't a pretty sight when I get mad. 
  • I hate gyms and hate exercise, and the fact that I have to do it, doesn't help me at all.
  • I love reading..just finished 5 books..Nicholas Sparks-True Believer, Lee Child's 61 hours, John Grisham's The confession and tons of mills and boons...yep, I still read them.
  • I am dying to learn how to make jewellery..not the diamond ones the casual kinds..(any help there?) 
phew, those were too much for me. I think that's enough for now...more tid-bits later!

Just to share one more RAK that landed on my door before I left for mumbai..this beautiful card and a huge box of goodies came my way...I love all the RAK's that Lani's sent for me. Tons of papers, stamps and flowers! You've made my entire year I guess with your gifts!!

Another surprise came from Priya Venkat. I seem to have misplaced her card in my rush of packing things before I left for mumbai, but as soon as I find it, it'll be here. Thank you so much for those papers and those precise cutting instructions..I'm saving the post-its!!!


  1. Tejal di.. I love reading MBs too.. Should I send you my stash.. I must be having some 400 MBs by now...:D.. Well you deserve all the awards you get for your sheer talent...

  2. Hey Girl, thanks so much for passing on the love to us... check out this blog and maybe u cn contact her for some jewellery making ideas...


  3. Ohh girl, thanks for reminding me..even I haven't gotten around posting the awards :) I will do it soon now. Thanks for passing one to me :)

    The card from Lani is gorgeous! You are one lucky girl :)

  4. wow are one lucky woman and talented too.Congrats

  5. Thnk u so much for passing the award,it means a lot.And lucky you,..i have never got such big crafty gifts,lol,..enjoy

  6. congrats tejal on winning three awards simultaneously,is an achievement by itself. but what i really want to know is was lee childs 61 hours any good ,i have loved all his books till now so is this as good do u reccommed it?

  7. awesome luck u have!! i hope someday i win something big too :) its more like i get discounted for having a craft store... but still i wish :D i got the award from Aditya too!! thanks for reminding :)

  8. Thanks tejal for the award. You are lucky girl! I,ve only got Raks for winning something never like this.!

  9. Hey Tejal!!Thanks for your sweet comments!!Makes me feel closer to home!Believe me ..I miss India more than you could imagine and am dying to come back!!Will surely take morepics of the place and post keep creating!!!

  10. Hey there Tejal.....there are so many Priya's around, so could you please specify which one that beautifully stoned (enjoy the pun!) peacock award goes to.

  11. Thank u deary for remembering me during this small award ceremony..... :D


  12. Good job on the awards Tejal! Hey, I make beaded jewellery...earrings, chains etc. I use a mix of glass beads, tibetan silver charms and nickel free findings, nothing fancy... all usually bought online. So if ever you need a little help with something, do drop me a line, I'll do my best to help :) A quick tip - get your basics = a wire cutter, nose pliers and a round plier. They're pretty much what you'll need in terms of tools. Then there's tiger tail, crimping beads, earring hooks and headpins. So these along with assorted beads and charms, you'll be making earrings by the dozen! Believe me, they're so so addictive :) There are loads of easy tutorials on YouTube for techniques.
    So good luck! Get on aboard the beading addict wagon :)

  13. lucky you! Thanks for the award!!

  14. Hi Tejal, well deserved awards and RAKs well done, lovely to know a little more about you:0) xxx


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